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Panasonic Cordless Phone Problems

The advantage in a cordless telephone is the degree of mobility within the distance of the transmission limit of the phone. The user is not bound to the length of a wire as in the case of a wired telephone. A cordless telephone is a blend of radio and communication technology where one unit transmits and the other receives. The base unit which receives the signals is connected to the wall telephone connection. These signals are converted to FM radio signals which are transmitted to a handset carried by the user.

The Panasonic cordless telephone comes in a wide range of models each with multiple features. With the different features, a user can have issues that can cause questions. Read below where Experts have answered a variety of questions about the Panasonic cordless phone system.

The main handset of a cordless phone receives no signal though all the other handsets work well. How can this be resolved?

Disconnect the base unit from the phone line and wall power and let it lie for 30 seconds before reconnecting it. The base will be reset in this process. Remove the battery from the handset for 30 seconds so this too is reset. Other than this nothing much can be done.

How can a screen on a Panasonic cordless phone be made to display when the rest of the phone works well?

Follow these steps to reset the controller:

  • Remove the battery from the handset
  • Disconnect the base unit from the wall outlet
  • Leave it like that for not less than 15 minutes and not more than 30 minutes
  • Replace the battery in the handset
  • Reconnect the base unit to the wall outlet
  • The display screen should now be active

How to adjust the ringer of a Panasonic cordless phone to increase the volume?

If it already set to the maximum there is no way to increase the volume further without the help of some additional equipment. There are a number of such products which can be bought with exceptionally loud ringers.

Can a message be recovered from a Panasonic cordless phone/answering machine?

There is no way to recover a lost or deleted message from an answering machine since it has a solid state memory. Once it has been erased it is lost forever. However some specialized professional recovery services might attempt to recover erased messages. There is no guarantee of success and the cost will be prohibitive.

What should be done if a new Panasonic cordless phone has been correctly installed but it doesn’t work and all it gives is a busy signal?

First check the phone jack with a wired phone. If that too gives a busy signal then the problem is with the phone company. But if the signal is normal then the cordless phone has a problem and needs to be exchanged.

What is wrong with a cordless phone that gives a ‘No link to base, connect main base AC adapter’ even after it has been reset and batteries replaced?

The displayed message means that no phone signal is reaching the handset from where it is plugged. There are two possible reasons for this:

  • The AC charger is bad
  • There is an internal problem in the base unit

Since the AC charger has proven good an issue here can be ruled out. The problem boils down to an internal glitch in the base unit. It could be that it is not receiving a phone signal or unable to convert a signal and send it to the handset. Either way it is not worth attempting to repair the phone. A new replacement will be a cheaper option.

Cordless phones work with radio signals because of which they are not totally secure. Conversations can be picked up through scanning devices. Another possibility is that someone can tap into your line and steal phone usage. But these are fairly extreme situations which do not concern the average user.

There are many different home telephones on the market, each with their own advantages and limitations. Often the best of the best will have issues that cause problems for the user and raise questions. Getting Expert insight may prove to be not only time saving but also affordable.

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