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Palm Treo Troubleshooting Questions

What do you do if your Palm Treo freezes? Can a Palm Treo touch screen be repaired? Cell phones are a convenient device for keeping in touch when you have a busy lifestyle. If you are having trouble finding reliable answers the these kinds of questions, the right thing to do is to ask Experts for their insights. Read below where verified Experts have provided customized solutions to solve users problems.

What can be done if a new Palm Treo freezes after the first hot sync is attempted?

Case Details: When plugged in it never stops charging. The screen goes from PalmOne to Palm Powered and sticks there. The phone worked correctly before the hot sync.

The solution is to do a hard reset. This will cause all the data in the phone to be lost so a backup should be done before the reset. In this case it will not be possible since the phone is frozen so the data loss will have to be accepted. To reset:

  • Disconnect the phone from the power and USB cables.
  • Remove the battery cover and take out the battery.
  • Re-insert the battery while holding down the Power/End button.
  • Keep the Power/End button pressed. A PalmOne or Palm logo and a progress bar will appear on the screen.
  • When the gray circular Palm Powered logo appears the Power/End button can be released.
  • “Erase all data?” will appear. Press Up to confirm the action and begin the hard reset.
  • A series of screens will appear. When the language selection screen appears, select the same language that was selected for the desktop software.
  • The PalmOne or Palm logo and progress bar will appear again, followed by the gray Palm Powered logo.
  • The phone will then ask for inputs to complete the setup process.
  • When the inputs are completed the reset is finished and the phone should be operational.

What is preventing the touch screen of a Palm Treo from responding?

The problem is likely to be with the pressure sensor on the phone. This sensor measures the amount of pressure placed on the screen when it is touched and causes the display to respond accordingly. Failures of these sensors are not uncommon on touch screen devices. A cellphone repair vendor will be able to do the required repairs but the cost will be high. Replacing the phone may be a more cost effective option.

How can a Palm Treo 700W from Verizon be unlocked and used on Boost?

The Palm Treo 700W will only work on CDMA networks like Verizon. Boost Mobile uses a combination of CDMA and SIM cards on its network and a phone from Verizon will not work on the Boost network. It does happen that when a user is with a carrier for a length of time an unlock code may be provided when the user plans to travel but this will not work with the Palm Treo.

What is the best way to erase all the calendar, contacts and tasks data in a Palm Treo 755P?

The quickest way is to do a reset:

  • Remove the battery from the phone.
  • Reinsert the battery while holding down the Power/End button.
  • When the Access Powered logo appears, release the Power/End button.
  • When “Erase all data?” appears press Up to confirm the action.
  • A “Reformatting in Progress” message will appear. Do not touch the phone while this is in progress. The reformatting can take up to 10 minutes.
  • On screen instructions will be displayed for aligning the screen and setting the date and time.
  • The new data can now be entered.

How to transfer contacts from a Palm Treo to an LG P505R cellphone?

There are many third party software options for this but using the OEM software is usually preferred because it is typically a hassle-free process.

  • Connect the Palm Treo to a the computer and open Palm PC Connectivity Solutions.
  • Options to sync contacts with MS Outlook and other programs will be shown.
  • Select the transfer to MS Outlook option.
  • One the transfer is completed, disconnect the Palm Treo from the computer.
  • Install the LG Connectivity Solution from the CD that came with the LG phone.
  • Connect the LG phone to the computer.
  • The LG Connectivity Solution will show and option to import contacts from MS Outlook. Select it.
  • Contacts from Outlook will be transferred to the LG phone.

If a Palm Treo is synced to a computer running Windows Vista, will all the synced data be lost if the PC OS is changed to Windows 7?

If the synced data is stored in the same drive of the computer where the operating system is installed, then the data will be lost as the drive will be formatted when Windows 7 is installed. Transferring the data to a CD or USB drive will protect it from loss.

What can be done if a Palm Treo Pro will turn on but will not unlock?

Turn off the phone. Remove the back panel from the phone. Slide the stylus out from its slot. Locate the reset button – it is at the bottom left of the phone as you look at the back. Press the reset button gently with the stylus. Turn the phone one and wait for the progress bar on the Palm logo screen to completely fill. Slide the back panel into place. The phone should now be operational.

As seen above, it is possible to troubleshoot problems with your cell phone. When additional assistance is needed, knowing an Expert is on-hand will make the process faster. Verified Experts will provide you with accurate and afforadable information when it is convenient for you.

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