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Questions about Palimony Laws

Palimony suits typically are more common in relationships where the couple has chosen not to get married. Palimony is similar to what alimony is for married couples. Palimony is compensation after a non married couple has ended their relationship.

Does the state of California recognize palimony laws?

Common law marriages are normally not recognized in California. That means that without being married, neither party would be likely to have legal rights to palimony.

Who is entitled to palimony

As yet, there are no laws stating specific guidelines on who qualifies for palimony. In most cases, the court makes this decision on a case by case basis based on certain criteria. In certain situations, an unmarried person may have a right to get financial support from a former partner after their relationship ends. In cases where in a Family Court has issued a support order for an unmarried partner, they have found that one partner promised to support the other partner in return for being taken care of while they lived together.

In the state of Indiana, after a 15 year relationship can someone receive palimony?

The state of Indiana does not recognize common law marriages. Therefore, the chances of being granted palimony are slim to none.

Can someone sue for palimony or pain suffering in the state of California?

There are no common laws in California. The court would be unlikely to recognize the marriage for any recovery. If someone attempts to use the Family Code, more than likely they will be unsuccessful in being granted a palimony suit.

What are the palimony laws in New York?

There are no laws in the state of New York considering palimony. Palimony is used by the media when two people live together for a long period of time and one partner supports the other one. Usually after the break up, one person tries to file for palimony to receive the money that was lost. Members of the unmarried union are not legally entitled to palimony unless there is a written or verbal agreement. Since palimony is not a guaranteed means of support for unmarried couples, there should be a palimony agreement made.
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