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Dental Pain Treatment Related Questions

What is dental pain treatment?

When an individual is experiencing dental pain, this can be caused for many different reasons as for the treatments can vary as well. When pain from tooth decay or dental caries, the individual can seek treatment by either dental filling, removal of the tooth or crowns. Also, when an individual has experienced a dental injury, the individual can be treated by dental cement that will protect the sensitive area of the tooth. When an individual cannot be seen by their dentist in order to relieve dental pain, the individual can treat this by over the counter oral pain medications. When an individual has experienced dental pain, and cannot be seen by a dentist to relieve this pain, the individual can find home treatment until they can be seen by a dentist. Read below to find Expert answers pertaining to dental pain treatment.

What are common causes for dental pain?

Dental pain such as a toothache often is a symptom of other dental problems. These other dental problems can range from a tooth with decay to gum disease. Outside forces can also cause dental pain, things like trauma to the teeth from a hit. An infection to the tooth or the gums can also be a cause of dental pain.

What does it mean if a dentist can find no reason for dental pain?

If a dentist is unable to find a dental reason for the dental pain that an individual is experiencing, then the pain may be Atypical Facial Pain or Atypical odontalgia. These two conditions are usually diagnosed after no problems have been found in the teeth or gums, and the dental pain has not responded to typical therapies such as antibiotic therapy. An individual whose dental pain has not responded to these types of therapies, a consult with an oral medicine department of a local dental school may be in order. There the individual will be able to get a full assessment, as well as have tests for screening purposes that can help with diagnosis.

What can an individual do at home for dental pain until a dentist is available?

If an individual is experiencing dental pain and is unable to get into the dentist quickly there are a few things that an individual can do at home to make the dental pain more bearable. One of the these things is with the over the counter pain medications; Ibuprofen and acetaminophen, an individual can take two tablets of 200mg Ibuprofen and then four to six hours later take two 500mg acetaminophen. Alternating the two medications every four to six hours has been proven to help control dental pain. An individual may also use drops for toothaches that can be purchased at a local pharmacy. These drops contain clove oil and have been shown to be comforting to a painful tooth. These things will help with dental pain but are not designed to be the cure for dental pain, a dentist should be consulted.

Can an impacted wisdom tooth cause dental pain?

An impacted wisdom tooth can cause dental pain. The dental pain that is felt from an impacted wisdom tooth is most often caused by the build of debris from food and growth of bacteria between the gingival flap and the crown of the wisdom tooth. Most often dental pain from an impacted wisdom tooth occurs from the lower wisdom teeth. The dental pain may also be radiated to other areas such as the throat or the ear.

Dental pain has many causes, some of which are dental infections, or an impacted wisdom tooth. If an individual is unable to get into the dentist right away to deal with the dental pain, the individual can reduce the pain and swelling by taking oral over the counter medication. While these over the counter pain medications may lessen the pain, they are not a cure and a dentist should be consulted to find out what is causing the dental pain. Any questions relating to dental pain may be asked of the Experts.
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