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Questions about Paid Breaks At Work

Paid breaks at work are rest periods which are paid for by the employer. Employers are not required by law to offer any form of paid breaks to their employees. However, this issue can raise many questions among employees. Employment Lawyers on JustAnswer can answer any type of paid break related questions that you may have. Below are five of the top questions about paid breaks answered by the Experts.

What should a person do if a medication causes frequent bathroom breaks?

The first step you should take is to request reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Once you have done this, your employer can demand a detailed guideline regarding your disability, the accommodations that are required, and a description of the accommodations that will work for your needs. You need to talk to your doctor and explain the details that have been requested from the employer and have all of the information included in a letter. You would then give your employer the letter from your doctor. This should cover anything that you will need for your frequent breaks from work.

Is it legal for an employer to deduct vacation time from an employee if the employee clocks out during work hours?

Employers are not required to allow breaks for employees. However, when they do offer breaks, those breaks of 5-20 minutes must be paid for. Lunch breaks may be unpaid meal periods, but only if the employee is free of any duties during that time. An employer cannot usually require you to clock in and out if you are leaving the property. The employer cannot also usually deduct vacation time to pay for the employee clocking out either, especially if the employee is tied to duties and required to return upon request.

In Florida, are employers required to give breaks of any kind to their employees?

There are no Florida laws that require an employer to give breaks of any kind to employees 18 years or older. However, Florida law does require that minors are to receive an uninterrupted rest or meal period of 30 minutes for every four hours of work performed. Short breaks of 20 minutes or less are usually considered hours worked. Lunch breaks of 30 minutes or longer will usually not be paid time. If the lunch break is not paid time, the employee should not be expected to perform any duties at all during the break. If the employee performs any duties during the lunch time, it should be counted as work time and should be paid for.

In Colorado, do employees have to stay on company premises during paid breaks?

Usually, an employee would be expected to stay on company premises during paid breaks, unless the employer has given them permission to leave. However, under Colorado law the employer must provide a 30 minute unpaid meal break which is to be free of work duties during a shift of five hours or longer.

In Alabama, are employers required to give employees two short breaks with pay and unpaid lunch break?

In Alabama, an employer is not required to offer meal breaks or short breaks to any employee 16 years old and over. However, if an employer does provide breaks that are 20 minutes or less, these breaks must be paid breaks. Meal breaks that are 30 minutes or longer are unpaid breaks, as long as the employee is completely relieved of their duties during that time.

Whether you are an employee wanting to know what your rights are about paid breaks or if you are just curious about paid breaks and how they work, you can ask Employment Lawyers on JustAnswer. The Experts answer a wide variety of questions related to paid breaks and paid lunch breaks and can answer any of your questions in an efficient and knowledgeable manner.
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