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Chrysler Pacifica AWD Problems

How to improve the ride on a Chrysler Pacifica which clunks when going over bumps? Is your Pacifica AWD always cold even with the blower on? These are some generic issues which Chrysler Pacifica AWD owners have actually experienced and approached Experts online for solutions. 

Read below for answers Experts have provided to these and similar related questions.

How to troubleshoot a Pacifica AWD which suddenly lost power and displays error codes P0456 and P0406?

It seems like the catalytic converter is restricted. Typical behavior is overall power loss when in motion though idling is normal. What generally happens is that the converter breaks up into pieces which travel downstream and clog the exhaust outlet. A blocked exhaust suppresses the power produced by the engine which is what is being experienced. A blocked exhaust also creates backpressure which causes the EGR valve to lift when accelerating and set an EGR code (P0406). Tap on the converter when the exhaust is cold and, if it is fragmented, a rattling sound will be produced. A backpressure test will confirm this diagnosis. The repair solution is to replace the catalytic converter.

Why does a Pacifica AWD with new sway bar bushings still make a clunking sound when running over bumps and through potholes?

Service bulletin number 02-001-05 was issued specifically to address this issue. It entails installing updated front sway bar link assemblies. Till this is done it is safe to run the car carefully, but for a limited period.

Why does a Chrysler Pacifica sometimes turn off on its own when coming to a stop or vibrate briefly before stopping?

This could be because of dirt blocking the air passages in the throttle body or just an idle control problem. The throttle body will need to be cleaned to ensure that the idle air passages are free of carbon accumulation or other debris. Throttle body cleaner cans are readily available which contain detailed instructions on how they are to be used. A good thing to do is to spray some cleaner into the intake when the throttle plate is closed so that cleaner is able to penetrate the minutest passages. Avoid carburetor cleaner at all costs as this could damage the oxygen sensors. Just to be sure, check that there are no vacuum leaks and that the intake air hose is free of cracks and firmly secured.

Why does a Pacifica blower deliver only cold air when everything appears to be working fine?

Chances are, the coolant level is low and the reservoir needs to be topped up. Once the level is right, start the engine and when it reaches operating temperature switch on the heater. Check the heater hoses which should be warm at the point where they enter the engine compartment. If they are, heat should be blowing into the cabin. If the level was excessively low look for coolant leaks. Another possible area to check is a leaking or restricted oil cooler. If the oil cooler is blocked the flow is restricted which severely impacts heater performance. In an extreme case, there could be an internal leak. This can be checked by examining the engine oil and looking for traces of coolant mixed with it.

How to troubleshoot a Pacifica AWD where only the front wheels spin but not the rear?

Check if the rear drive shaft is rotating and if it is, then the electronically controlled clutch (ECC) is bad and will need to be replaced. The ECC is located at the front of the rear differential. If the rear drive shaft is static then the power transfer unit (PTU) will need to be replaced. This is bolted to the transmission on the passenger side and is the element which transfers the drive to all wheels to make the vehicle an AWD.

The Chrysler Pacifica AWD is a complex vehicle so troubleshooting might need knowledge and an understanding beyond the scope of most users. In such instances, there is a solution and that is to ask an Expert. Online Experts study the symptoms, analyze the problem and draw on their vast experience to provide the most practical solution. If you need help with a Chrysler Pacifica, a verified Expert is your answer.

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