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Volvo Oxygen Sensor Related Questions

Is the Volvo’s stalling problem related to the oxygen sensor? What are some of the codes which are related to the oxygen sensors? This is a pollution control device that monitors the level of oxygen in the exhaust and communicates this information to the Volvo’s computer to regulate the air/fuel mixture entering the engine. When problems arise with oxygen sensors, there are error codes that get displayed. Reading these codes with the help of scan tools, can provide a better picture of the exact fault and remedial steps required. There may also be a need for troubleshooting and diagnosis. This is where the value of Expert information may be helpful.

 Read below where Experts have answered a few Volvo oxygen sensor questions and problems.

Are the OBD codes 312 and 221 on the Volvo 240 GL related to the oxygen sensor?

The most common cause for these codes is a problem with the oxygen sensor. This sensor could be leading off from the exhaust manifold before the catalytic converter in the exhaust system. This causes false readings which can make the computer enrich the fuel leading to running issues and the codes. To overcome this issue, the oxygen sensors need to be replaced.

Who are the original manufacturers of oxygen sensors on the Volvo?

Typically Bosch is the original manufacturer for oxygen sensors. They are more high end and expensive. You also have IPD and FCP brands which can be used on Volvos. They are of a lower quality and price.

Why is the Volvo S40 running good at times and stalling at other times?

Case Details: The smell of rotten eggs was emitted.

This could be an issue with the oxygen sensor in the exhaust. The catalyst could be causing a blockage which implies the mixture is not right or it’s misfiring, breaking up the catalyst. If the cat has a hole in it, it is possible that the cat will collapse as they are not strong enough to withstand it. It is also possible that the rest of the cat has collapsed inside the pipe. Therefore, you need to remove the oxygen sensor and check inside.  

Is an exhaust leak, check engine light and code 2-1-2 related to the Volvo’s oxygen sensor?

Yes. This problem could have occurred either by an exhaust leak or an issue with the oxygen sensor. If the leak was slightly downstream of the oxygen sensor, it can affect the sensor’s reading because it is drawing oxygen into the exhaust stream through venture effect. The 2-1-2 codes sets when the oxygen sensor signal is missing or incorrect.

Why does a light remain on despite replacing both oxygen sensors?

Fuse 33 in the engine compartment fuse box (near the battery) should be checked to see if it is blown. This fuse powers the oxygen sensors and the brake vacuum pump. You should also check if the pump has seized or its switch has short circuited.

What does the code P0036 signify and what should be done about it?

The P0036 code is related to a rear heated oxygen sensor, bank 1. The rear oxygen sensor is relatively more exposed to heat than the front sensor. Hence they have a tendency to fail more often. To overcome this problem, the rear oxygen sensor needs to be replaced with an original part.

What does it signify if the Volvo is losing power with codes P0088, P0089 and P0137 being displayed?

The P0137 code is related to low voltage from an oxygen sensor as a result of low fuel pressure. The other codes are indicative of low fuel pressure. Therefore, it may be an issue with the fuel pump or restricted fuel filter.

As evident in the information above, Volvo oxygen sensor problems can directly affect the functioning of the car. On occasions, problems with the oxygen sensors are closely connected to other exhaust components present in the Volvo. This article covers only some of the problems that can arise. If you are facing different problems with oxygen sensors, you can seek the guidance and insights of Experts. They provide answers at your convenience, from the comfort of your home. 

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