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Jaguar Oxygen Sensor Troubleshooting

Is your Jaguar running rough despite replacing the oxygen sensor? Or, do you need help clearing the error codes? Often, questions such as these are associated with problems that need solved immediately to restore normal working conditions. When this happens, consulting an Expert for quick reliable solutions is the key to mental peace.

Read below where Experts have answered questions about Jaguar oxygen sensor issues.

How to remove the front oxygen sensor on an X-Type Jaguar?

  • Take out the purge valve from the back.
  • Then, unscrew the rear sub frame bolts to lower the engine for access.
  • Next, detach the air cleaner assembly located at the front.
  • Finally, remove the front sensor using an O2 sensor socket.

What does the oxygen sensor error code ‘P0037’ mean on a Jaguar?

This code usually indicates a fault with the downstream sensor on bank 1. The best recourse is to remove the sensor with a 7/8’’ or a 22mm wrench. In case it feels tight while removing, spray some amount of lubricant on that part or heat up the hose with a propane torch.

How to turn the oxygen sensor light off on a 1986 Jaguar XJS?

The best option is to replace the sensor and the light will automatically turn off. Another option could be to press the button on the mileage counter and reset the mileage switch.

What could cause the check engine light to appear on a 2001 XJ8 Jaguar?

A faulty oxygen sensor could likely cause this issue and will need to be replaced. However, before doing this, check the air flow sensor or the knock sensor for any faults as they can also cause this problem.

How to fix an auto upstream oxygen sensor code on a Jaguar X-Type?

First, check the front oxygen sensor for any faults as it can likely cause this issue. If so, replace it; or else, verify if the harness to the sensor is properly connected and working. Often, the harness may short out after excessive rubbing against the valve bracket.

What can cause a 2001 S Type Jaguar to rough idle and misfire despite replacing the oxygen sensor?

A faulty ignition coil can cause this to happen. First, make sure the coils are working properly. Then, check the coil cover for any leakage issues as sometimes water or oil ingress into the coils can also cause this. If so, replacing the coils and plugs will be recommended. Additionally, check the fuel filter, the throttle, the vacuum line and the lead breather for any defects and clean them, if necessary.

How to replace the upstream heated oxygen sensor on Jaguar?

  • Using a jack stand, lift the vehicle and support it.
  • Then, loosen the oxygen sensor cover.
  • Next, unplug the electrical connector.
  • Finally, remove the sensor.
  • For installation, repeat the process in reverse.

How to fix a 2006 S-Type Jaguar that keeps blowing the fuse F19 when started?

First, unplug the oxygen sensor relay (R2) from the front box. Then, turn on the ignition and check if there is power to the fuse. If so and the fuse still does not blow, then replacing the sensor harness would be the best course of action.

How to adjust the Jaguar oxygen sensor monitor to pass the inspection test?

For adjusting the upstream sensor:

  • Turn the engine off and keep the cooling fans inoperative for more than 20 seconds.
  • Then, start the engine and wait for it to come down to the normal temperature of 180 degrees F.
  • Next, put the vehicle in 3rd gear and run the engine between 3000-4000 rpm at a steady speed.
  • Release the accelerator and allow the vehicle to stop within 30 seconds. Make sure to leave the accelerator untouched for four seconds after coming to a stop.
  • Finally, idle the engine for 11 minutes.

For adjusting the downstream sensor:

  • Start the engine and allow it to come to normal temperature.
  • Then, run the vehicle between 30-60 mph for 10 minutes. Make sure to keep the speed steady.
  • Next, drive the vehicle steadily above 3000 rpm in the 3rd gear.
  • Finally, release the accelerator and let the car coast for 30 seconds.

For adjusting the oxygen sensor heaters:

  • Start the engine and bring to normal temperature.
  • Finally, allow the engine to idle for three minutes.

If your Jaguar seems to run rough along with displaying a check engine light, then it could be the oxygen sensor in your vehicle that has gone bad. These devices are essential to control the emission system and improve engine performance in a car. Thus, a failure in these components can cause an owner to become highly frustrated as it may render a car inoperable. To avoid such situations, getting in touch with an Expert as soon as a problem arises is strongly recommended. Verified Experts are readily available to answer your questions and clarify doubts through a one-on-one conversation anytime day or night.

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