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Questions on Over Speeding

Over speeding is one of the common traffic violations that people commit in the United States. Different states and jurisdictions in the United States may have different penalties for driving above the legal limit. Also, there may be different levels of fines for over speeding at different speeds. Given below are common questions about over speeding that have been answered by the Experts.

What can an individual do if he/she is not aware of the fine that needs to be paid for being charged with over speeding?

In most situations, if the fine is not mentioned on the ticket, the individual may call the clerk of court to find out what the amount for the fine is. Sometimes, the punishment for the traffic offense may involve a mandatory court appearance. It may be helpful if the individual contacts a traffic attorney.

Does the place where an individual was given a ticket matter in a speeding case?

In most situations, it would not matter where the individual was given a ticket for speeding. The place where the officer clocked or noted the individual’s vehicle speed may be considered to be relevant to a speeding case.

Would an over speeding ticket affect the chances of an individual getting a green card?

A speeding ticket, in most situations, may not be considered to be a criminal offense. Therefore, it may not affect an individual’s green card application if he/she were to receive an over speeding ticket.

What punishment would an individual face if he/she was caught driving 30 miles per hour over the legal speed limit in Tennessee?

Driving 30 miles per hour over the legal speed limit may be classified as reckless driving in the State of Tennessee. The individual may be fined for a maximum amount of $500 and get up to 6 months in jail.

What is the punishment for speeding over 10 miles per hour above the legal speed limit in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, an individual may receive a fine of $91 if he/she was to get a ticket for driving 10 miles per hour over the legal speed limit. This charge may also add 4 points to the individual’s license. The individual may, however, appeal to the court to reduce the charges to below 10 miles per hour. If he/she succeeds in doing so, he/she may have to pay only $81 in fines with 2 points added to his/her license. If the individual wants to get the points removed from the license he/she may have to pay a surcharge of $100.

Would a company be responsible for paying a traffic ticket that its driver received for over speeding?

A company may not be responsible if its driver received a traffic ticket for over speeding. The driver may have to be sued to recover the money for the ticket.

What can an individual do if he/she gets an over speeding ticket for going 18 mph over the legal limit in Georgia?

If an individual gets an over speeding ticket for driving 18 mph over the legal limit in Georgia, he/she may go to the first hearing at the court and request for a defensive driving class. In most situations, this may be given as a choice at the hearing. If defensive driving is not offered, then the individual may request for a deferred adjudication. In such a case, the individual may have to promise in court that he/she will not commit any more traffic offenses. The ticket may be dismissed if the individual pays the court costs and does not get any violations for a period of at least 6 months.

The laws and regulations for over speeding may be too much for you to research on your own. Sometimes all you may want are answers to a few questions and may not know where to look for them. In such cases, it may be impractical and expensive to hire an attorney for this purpose.. At such times, it’s better to consult an Expert to clarify your doubts and get your questions answered both quickly and in a cost-effective manner.
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