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Orthodontics Procedures and Treatment

What is an orthodontics procedure?

An orthodontics procedure is when a person seeks to have their improper bite or crooked teeth fixed. Orthodontics is a type of dental specialty that focuses on the treatment and correction of crooked teeth or bites that are crooked. When a person gets an orthodontic treatment, then they are generally treating the look of their teeth and not an actual dental issue. Read below to find Expert answers pertaining to orthodontics treatment, and the orthodontics procedure.

If an individual has TMJ and needs their wisdom teeth removed, will wearing an orthotic splint help the issue of TMJ?

When a person has any type of orthodontic treatments, then they may run the risk of getting TMJ. If the person is suffering from TMJ, then they may want to have their wisdom teeth extracted first to see if the orthodontic treatment was the cause of the TMJ or if it was the wisdom teeth. If the person’s condition does not improve after they get their wisdom teeth extracted, then the person may want to try the orthotic splint.

If a child gets braces and a bite block during a orthodontic treatment at the age of 12 and is having pain and a slight lisp, will the lisp go away after awhile or what can the child do besides practice talking?

When a child has a lisp from having any kind of orthodontic procedure done, then if they stand in front of a mirror and practice talking and singing, then they may be able to get rid of the lisp within a short amount of time. In most cases, when an orthodontist performs an orthodontic procedure of placing a bite block, then the bit block is needed to fix the child’s teeth.

If a person went in to see an orthodontist and they placed a Nance in the roof of their mouth, what can they do to help take the swelling down and rid themselves from the pain?

When a person has a Nance device placed in their mouth to help with a type of orthodontics treatment, then there may be an issue of the person having an allergic reaction to the acrylic plate. The person would want to try and get into see their orthodontist that did the orthodontics procedure and see if they can determine what is causing the swelling and pain. If the orthodontist cannot determine the cause of the swelling and pain, then the person may need to seek the help of an oral pathologist.

If a person has their braces removed after having them for twenty months, is it normal for the teeth to slant forward?

When a person has any type of orthodontics procedure done, then the procedure will move the teeth into place, once the teeth are moved into place, then when the braces are removed the teeth may try and move back to where they were to begin with due to the ligaments and fibers that hold the teeth in place. Once the person has the braces removed, then in most cases, a retainer would need to be used to help set the teeth permanently in the position that the orthodontic procedure placed the teeth in.

When a person needs to have their bit fixed or their teeth moved into a straighter position, then they would see an orthodontist and have an orthodontics procedure done. When a person I dealing with an orthodontics treatment, then he/she may have a concern regarding the procedure or what the after effects would be. When these concerns arise, then the person would want to consult an Expert.
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