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Orpington Chicken Related Questions

What is an orpington chicken?

The Orpington chicken was named after Orpington, England. It was originally bred because it has good meat quality and is an excellent egg layer. Orpington chickens are very attractive because of their large size, soft appearance and rich color. A rise in their popularity has occurred as show birds instead of utility birds. They make great mothers and go broody very often. They are able to fly small distances even though they are rather heavy. They do very well in cold climates because of their size. Anytime an Orpington chicken shows signs of illness, questions can arise regarding symptoms, treatments and possible cures. Read below for questions about Orpington chickens that have been answered by Experts.

How do you check for egg binding in an orpington chicken?

To check an Orpington chicken for egg binding, hold the chicken upside down. While the chicken is turned over gently insert a lubricated finger into the vent to feel for an egg. If an egg is present, fill the cloaca with KY jelly or mineral oil. Then with one hand apply pressure above the egg on the outside of the abdomen. While wiggling the egg back and forth with the gloved finger, slowly move the egg towards the vent.

How often should orpington chickens be wormed?

Orpington chickens that are kept in a small flock would need to be wormed every three to four months. The normal product that is used is a broad spectrum wormer that may be found at a local feed or farm supply store. Ivermectin will work to kill worms as well as external parasites such as mites, lice and fleas. The dosage for Ivermectin is 5 drops in the mouth and a BB sized drop under a wing.

What could be the cause of misshapen, soft shelled eggs laid by a 2 year old Orpington chicken?

The reproductive life of an Orpington chicken may start to decline at the age of 2 and problems may start occurring as the internal organs start to wear out. The eggs of an Orpington chicken could spend as much as 20-23 hours inside of the shell gland where water is added to the egg white and the shell is laid over the membranes. Misshapen or soft shelled eggs may be a result of nutritional deficiencies, age or a bruising of the uterine wall because of continuous egg production.

What could cause the sudden death of orpington chickens?

A wide range of conditions may cause sudden death in Orpington chickens. Some of the causes include bacterial, viral or parasitic infections, nutritional and toxic causes. Egg binding could also lead to sudden death. Fatal bacterial infections include salmonella, Hafnia alvia, Tuberculosis and Erysipelas. Parasitic causes include coccidiosis, intestinal spirochetosis and possibly tick borne diseases. Viruses include avian hepatitis and avian pmv-3 (paramyxoviruses). Sudden death in Orpington chickens could also be caused by fatty liver hemorrhagic syndrome. The easiest way to determine the actual cause of death would be a necropsy performed on the deceased chicken.

Anytime problems occur in Orpington chickens, questions and concerns may arise. Questions about egg binding, worming, health issues, death and more may arise. For more information or answers to your own questions, ask an Expert.

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