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Orchitis Related Questions

Orchitis occurs when one or both testicles become inflamed. The most common cause of this problem is a virus that is associated with the condition called mumps. Studies show that 1/3rd of males who have had mumps after reaching puberty often develop orchitis. There are sexually transmitted diseases that cause orchitis as well.

To learn more about the causes of orchitis and available treatments for this condition, take a look below at the questions that have been answered by the Experts.

What could cause severe pain in both testicles?

Pain in both testicles could be caused by many conditions including orchitis. This condition stems from a bacterial or viral infection that causes inflammation in one or both testicles. It generally follows epididymitis which happens when the epididymis that connects the testicle to the vas deferens becomes inflamed. Epididymitis, in turn, is generally caused by chlamydia or gonorrhea spreading to the urethra from the bladder. There is also mumps related orchitis. However, this kind of orchitis may be ruled out if the person has been immunized for mumps.

The best way to rule out testicular torsion and diagnose orchitis would be to have a testicular scan performed. Men affected by orchitis can alleviate their discomfort by elevating the scrotum and applying ice packs. Also, the best way to avoid orchitis via STD is to observe safe sex, become monogamous or use condoms.

Can you get epididymo-orchitis from an unsterilized sex toy?

If the sex toy has been used by a person who has not been with other sex partners and is STD clear, it is highly unlikely that the sex toy caused this issue. However, epididymo-orchitis may be caused by other conditions aside from an STD.

A urinary infection may travel through the vas deferens which could cause epididymo-orchitis. STDs and infections of the urethra or prostate are also known to travel through the vas deferens to the testes. For example, chlamydia and gonorrhea can cause these urethral infections that could lead to epididymo-orchitis. In some cases, prostate or urethra surgeries can create opportunities for bacteria to enter the urethra which may cause epididymo-orchitis. In rare cases, it has been found that infections from other areas of the body may have the ability to travel through the blood to the testes as well. Tuberculosis is an example of such an infection.

What is the worst case scenario of orchitis?

Generally, the worst case scenario may be testicular atrophy or infertility. However, this is generally considered rare and normally seen in chronic cases of orchitis. While most cases of orchitis occur as a result of chlamydia or gonorrhea, it may also result from another bacterial infection. This is especially true for people who are not sexually active.

Can a hernia cause orchitis?

Orchitis is an inflammation of the testicles and generally occurs from a virus like mumps. However, a hernia can put pressure against the sac and cause inflammation of the testicle as well. A hernia is a result of intestines and abdominal contents pushing through an open area of muscle. This may cause an emergency situation due to the possibility of the bowel becoming suffocated inside the hernia.

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