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Oral Cancer Related Questions

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with oral cancer? Or do you want to know if you are at high risk of getting it? Any type of cancer can be scary if you are unaware of the facts. Verified medical Experts can ease your worries and fears by answering your questions.

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Is 19-20 months of smokeless tobacco use enough to cause oral cancer?

In some cases, 19-20 months of heavy smokeless tobacco use would not cause a person to get oral cancer.

If four enlarged lymph nodes appear in neck after oral cancer was removed from tongue, does that indicate it has spread? 

A biopsy is needed to determine whether or not the lymph nodes are cancerous. It is possible the lymph nodes are benign, or reactive lymph nodes. Reactive lymph nodes are lymph nodes which can slightly swell up due to inflammation, such as if the body is fighting off a viral infection or bacterial infection, or if the individual has sinus allergies or throat inflammation from acid reflux. All of these issues can cause lymph nodes to slightly enlarge in size.

Could an extra piece of skin on the frenulum indicate oral cancer?

Case Details: Individual has used smokeless tobacco for 15-16 months. No pain in the mouth. Mucosa is painful and white, but this may be due to individual pulling on lip to get a better look at it.

There is a slim chance that this would be oral cancer, as the smokeless tobacco has been used for a short period of time. The best thing would be for the individual to quit using. The description of the area is most likely just an irritation of the mucosa. It is normal for the mucosa to turn white when an individual pulls on his or her lip.

How is it determined if mouth ulcers are oral cancer?

The only way to confirm whether or not the ulcers are cancerous would be to do a biopsy of the ulcers.

Is smokeless tobacco the only thing that can cause oral cancer?

Smokeless tobacco is not the only thing that can cause oral cancer. Oral HPV virus can also cause oral cancer.

How common is it for oral cancer to cause the symptom of numbness in the mouth and throat?

It is very rare for oral cancer to cause numbness in the mouth and throat. If an individual has numbness of the mouth and throat, lesions in the skull base need to be looked for with a skull base MRI scan.

Could a fleshly looking growth in an individual’s mouth be oral cancer?

Case Details: It started out as a small dot, but keeps growing. Now it is the size of a nickel and bulgy. It is not painful.

If this fleshly growth is hard, it could be a bone growth called a torus pushing the mucosa down. These are benign and very common. If it bothers an individual, a doctor or dentist should be consulted. If an individual does not use tobacco, smoke or drink excessively, then the risk of oral cancer is very small.

What is the long-term outlook past five years for oral cancer (HPV positive) stage 1?

After five years, an individual has a very good chance of staying cured. Ninety percent of men and women with HPV will clear the HPV virus from their system in two years. If an individual’s immune system stays good and recovers after treatments, there is a good chance of clearing the HPV from a person’s system, but if it has infected cells and turned some cancerous, there is a good chance individual will likely not get other cancers.

Is neoplasia of the mouth oral cancer?

Neoplasia of the mouth is most often a cancer called squamous cell carcinoma which arises from the lining of the mouth or cheek. This cancer happens in individuals who smoke heavily, use smokeless tobacco, or drink alcohol excessively.

Unfortunately, millions of cases of various types of cancers are diagnosed every year. If you or a loved one is diagnosed with a form of cancer it can be terrifying. Your fears can be lessened by knowing medical Experts are available online at your convenience. Verified medical Experts can answer all your questions and provide you with valuable information regarding your specific needs.

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