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Optic Neuritis in Dogs

What is optic neuritis?

Typically optic neuritis may regard a swollen optic nerve; this could happen to one or both nerves. This could cause a dog to partially or permanently lose eye sight. There may be some vets that refer the optic nerve as cranial nerve; the optic nerve may be the nerve that transfers visual information it a dog’s brain. Usually the first type of optic neuritis may not be very common, this disease may only be found in dogs 3 and under. However the second type may be more common, this type typically is an underlying disease to a central nervous system.

What are the symptoms and types of optic neuritis in dogs?

There may be 2 types of optic neuritis, this disease could ether be a primary or secondary disease. The primary type may mean that there are not underlying disease that could cause optic neuritis. A secondary disease may mean that the optic neuritis was caused by another disease. Typically optic neuritis as a secondary disease may be caused by a central nervous system malfunction. Symptoms of optic neuritis may consist of but are not limited to, sudden blindness one or both eyes, inadequate vision, dilated pupils, swollen optic disk or slow reflex of pupils.

What are the causes of optic neuritis in dogs?

The primary optic neuritis may be a very rare disease for a dog to experience. However there may be a secondary optic neuritis that may be more common for a dog to get. Typically the causes of this type may be different in every case, and there may be many different causes. These may include but are not limited to, neoplasm (irregular formation of cells), a tumor, certain fungal infections, toxoplasmosis and lead poisoning. There may be some cases that are idiopathic, which ultimately means that vets may not know the exact cause of the optic neuritis. For more information regarding optic neuritis in dogs such as, can optic neuritis be passed from one dog to another or are there certain breeds that are more susceptible to contracting optic neuritis. Read below where an Expert has answered many frequently asked questions over optic neuritis.

Is there a cure or treatment for optic neuritis?

In some cases optic neuritis may be considered inflammation in either one or both optic nerves, this could take place anywhere between the retina to the brain. Typically there is an underlying disease that has caused the dog to have optic neuritis. The underlying disease could be anything from cancer to a toxin. The turnover for vision with this disease may depend on if a vet can determine the underlying disease and treat it with proper medication. In some cases the cause of optic neuritis is idiopathic, which means unknown. This may mean that the blindness could be permanent, or if the medication is not strong enough the blindness may return.

What could cause a dachshund to become blind when being diagnosed with optic neuritis?

Optic neuritis may have several different causes these could include are not limited to, protozoal infections, viral diseases, tick borne diseases may be a large cause, immune conditions and fungal infections.

Optic neuritis may be a very serious condition that affects a dog’s eyes. This disease could cause a dog to become blind very quickly or in some cases very slowly. Some dogs may be healthy and fine one day and then the next be sick or blind. Some dog owners may have serious questions when finding out their dog has optic neuritis. These may include but are not limited to, how serious is optic neuritis, will a dog need surgery for optic neuritis and is there a cure for optic neuritis. For more information regarding optic neuritis contact an Expert.
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