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Dog Old Age Questions

The aging of dogs can be different depending on the size and breed of the dog. In some cases, smaller dogs can live anywhere between 15 to 16 years of age. However, large and medium dogs may only live 10 to 13 years. For more information regarding old age in dogs, and symptoms on dog old age, individuals can read below to find Expert answers relating to dog old age.

If a dog that is 15 years old with arthritis is having leg pain is there anything over the counter they can have for the pain?

There are some medicines that you can give the dog that are found over the counter such as aspirin. You may be able to give the dog around two 81milligrams of aspirin about every 12 hours for the arthritis. There can be some side effects such as gastrointestinal (GI) problems or internal bleeding if given too much aspirin. There are also certain types of dog foods that have glucosomine in the food to help with arthritis and many other problems that occur with aging in dogs.

What would cause a 11 year old dog to moan, grunt and whine when it lays down and temperamental when being picked up or petted?

In many cases, this could be a symptom that the dog may be suffering from many different things. The most common thing that may be what your dog is having is arthritis in the joints in their legs; this may be why your dog is moaning when laying down. This could also the reasoning for why the dog gets aggressive when you handle the dog. You may be able to give your dog an anti inflammatory it might help with the pain the dog is experiencing. If that doesn’t seem to help then the other thing that you dog are suffering from is a mental change like senility. There is a medicine anipryl that is used to help control dog senility.

Is there anything that an individual can do to help an old dog with their hearing?

It’s a sad thing to think about but hearing loss is a natural part of life for a dog. As a dog gets older their body will become worse and change. The changes in the ear are normally permanent there is not much that we can do to help a dog that is losing their hearing; one of the best thing that you could do is to teach your dogs hand signals or you can use loud noises like clapping that may be a great way to get your dogs attention. The change in a dogs hearing can seem as it happen very quickly, but in all reality is slowly progressed and became so bad that the owner notices because the dog has stopped responding to your commands.

Can a dog old of age die from a heart attack that was found floating in the pool?

Most dogs do not live a long enough life for their arteries to become blocked. A heart attack is not very common for dogs to have; now on the other hand if the dog had a preexisting heart condition then there is a good chance that the dog may have had a heart attack. The most likely cause of death is drowning whether or not if the dog was floating. Floating solely depends on the body fat percentage in the dog.

What causes a dog old of age to have difficulty standing?

When a dog gets older the dog’s body will start to wear down and it become more difficult for the dog to move, this is mostly cause by arthritis. Arthritis usually affects a dog’s knees, spine and hips this can be very painful for a dog. As the dog ages they will stop exercising which can cause them to lose their muscle mass and they can become very weak.

When a dog becomes old the dog will tend to have some symptoms that may slow them down in life. These symptoms are not always serious but they can cause a dog great pain. Getting old is a natural part of life for a dog. Many people think that when their dog is having these types of symptoms they think it is because of something they have done to them. You can contact a dog veterinarian for more information on this subject.
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