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Dodge Oil Pump Questions

How to know if the oil pump shaft needs replaced after the Dodge oil pump has been replaced? Need step by step instructions on how to replace the oil pump?

Sometimes at the time of Dodge oil pump replacement, the engine may need to be lifted to provide sufficient room to detach the oil pump. Several times, the location of the Dodge oil pump can vary based on the model of the Dodge. It may be possible to handle Dodge oil pump troubleshooting yourself if proper information and steps are provided.

To know more about Dodge oil pumps, read below where common questions are answered by Experts.

Does the oil pump shaft need replaced on a Ram 1500 engine that continues to lose and regain oil pressure after the Dodge oil pump was replaced?

Check the oil pressure using a mechanical gauge. In case the oil pressure drops within a few minutes, the intake can be pulled and cleaned. Ensure that the sending unit and switch from the dash gauge and light have not become defective while replacing the oil pump. Also, accumulation of sludge in the switch or sending unit is a possibility; therefore, it could also be in the lifter valley. In order to clear this, the intake and oil pan need to be removed. These components can be found at the back beside the distributer. This is also the place where the mechanical gauge is connected.

What is causing there to be no oil pressure and the engine to rattle after the oil pump and sensor was replaced on a Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup?

The pan should be pulled back to check the oil pump drive which is a hex shaped rod originating from the distributor and engaging into the top part of the Dodge oil pump. Despite the oil pump being replaced, sometimes the drive is unable to engage into the pump to be able to spin it. This will result in no oil pressure or lesser pressure than what was present before. If the drive is fine inside, the pump should be dismantled and ensured that the rotors are not damaged. The passages should be clear as well. While reassembling the Dodge oil pump it would be wise to pack it with a thick substance such as petroleum jelly. This can help suck oil from the pan better on a dry start. Another good option would be to pull the rod caps to inspect the bearings. If the oil pressure is low the bearing could be worn out and oil pressure problems can continue despite the installation of a new Dodge oil pump.

What will cause the oil pressure to remain low, the motor is making a knocking noise and metal shavings found in the oil pan after a Dodge oil pump and sensor replacement?

The presence of metal in the oil pan and reduced oil pressure are interlinked. The causes could be due to a restricted oil pump pickup or the new Dodge oil pump could have failed. However, the metal in the oil pan is most likely bearing material from the rod and main bearings. Therefore, the pan should be pulled off then the rod caps (ensuring none of them are interchanged). The bearings could then appear depreciated with the copper visible. If the crank is fine without corrosion, it may be possible to replace the bearings without the need to remove the engine from the Dodge.

When the oil pressure on a 1998 Dakota fluctuates excessively does this require Dodge oil pump replacement or engine motor replacement?

If the oil pressure fluctuation is accompanied with abnormal noises from the engine, the problem can be confirmed to be pressure related and not related to the sender or gauge. Dodge oil pump replacement would be necessary in this case. However, the first thing to check in order to diagnose correctly would be to remove the pan to check the pump pickup for any restriction. The rod bearing caps and crankshaft should be inspected for wear and damage. If the crankshaft is fine but the bearings are worn, the bearings can also be replaced along with the oil pump. The pickup should be cleaned and replaced as well. In case the sludge buildup is excessive in the engine or the crankshaft is damaged, a long term solution would be rebuilding or replacing the engine.

There can be times when you hear unfamiliar sounds or face leakage issues on your Dodge which can be attributed to many things. However connecting it to a Dodge oil pump problem can be quite difficult for a common person to diagnose. To get more information and have your Dodge oil pump related questions answered, asking Experts can be helpful and informative to arrive at a solution or answer.
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