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Ford Oil Filter Problems?

The Ford oil filter is a mechanical device that is used to filter out the impurities from the engine oil in an automobile. Normally, an oil filter ranges over a variety of forms such as mechanical, magnetic, centrifugal and high efficient to name a few. Often, these filters may have several different problems that may cause a car engine to act up. Some of them could be a cracked oil filter adaptor, a damaged o-ring filter, a failed low pressure oil pump and so on. Usually, when a car owner experiences such issues, taking advice from an Expert is the best possible repair option. Below are frequently asked questions on issues relating to Ford oil filter that have been answered by the Experts.

How to replace a Ford oil filter?

After lifting the car with ramps, remove the access cover to get to the oil filter. Additionally, one could visit ‘do-it-yourself’ sites online for more help.

Is it possible for a loose Ford oil filter to cause damage to an engine?

A loose oil filter may cause the engine to lose all of its oil stored in its filter causing heavy damage. Engines cannot operate without oil and this could cause the engine to seize up and stop working.

What could be the problem if a Ford oil filter adaptor gasket leaks out and there is oil in the coolant?

This could be caused by a damaged head gasket or coolant in the oil. Troubleshooting is the only way to determine this and Expert guidance may help. The head gasket will need replaced if it is damaged.

What will cause the Ford oil filter to become dry even after having it replaced?

If the filter was not the right one it will not work properly. However, this could also happen if the filter has become clogged. Replacing the filter with a new one is the best option. Ask an Expert for help if troubleshooting is desired.

What will cause the Ford oil filter to have no oil?

First check the oil pressure using a pressure gauge. However, a blocked bypass valve in the filter can also cause this and the filter will need replaced.

How to remove the part around the bolt on a broken Ford oil filter without damaging the threads?

Using a pair of channel locks to secure the oil filter base shut off the filter. In case, the locks fail to work, remove the entire oil filter body then remove the remaining part with a hammer.

As with most cars, Ford car owners may have problems with their Ford oil filters. When questions arise it is highly recommended to contact a Ford Mechanic Expert as they can give clarification about the specific situation.

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