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Chrysler Oil Filter Questions

Need step by step instructions on replacing an oil filter? Need to know when to change the oil on your Chrysler? Need to know where to find troubleshooting tips about your Chrysler oil filter?

The oil filter typically screws onto the oil pump housing of the car. The filter mount is a part of the oil pump. Sometimes, the Chrysler oil filter can fit tightly before the filter is seated properly. If this is case, most probably the threads are damaged at the point where the filter attaches. A dye can be run over the threads to try and correct the problem.

To know more about Chrysler oil filters, listed below are common questions answered by Experts.

What are the steps to change the oil and Chrysler oil filter on the 2008 Crossfire?

To begin with the engine should be warmed for at least 10 minutes. The Crossfire should then be positioned on jack stands or ramps in order to safely go below the vehicle. The plastic Chrysler oil filter cap should be removed using an oil filter wrench or large channel lock pliers. A special socket is usually recommended for this cap and can be obtained from auto parts stores. From below the vehicle, a drain pan should be placed under the engine oil pan. The drain plug should be loosened and removed using 13 mm box end wrench or a 13 mm socket on 3/8th drive ratchet wrench. After the oil has drained for at least five minutes, the Chrysler oil filter should be removed from the black plastic cap. The old “O” ring seals should be discarded after removing them using a small pick or screw driver. New “O” rings which will be available with the new Chrysler oil filter should be installed onto the black plastic cap assembly. The new Chrysler oil filter should then be slid onto the stem of the cap assembly. It should be ensured that the filter is installed fully until it is seated. Next the large “O” ring should be installed onto the cap while the filter and cap is inserted back into the Chrysler oil filter housing. It should be screwed in until it stops turning being careful not to tighten excessively. It should be seated and tightened using the oil filter wrench. The drain plug should be installed and tightened from under the Crossfire. The engine can be refilled with 8.5 quarts of 0W-40 synthetic oil (Mobil 1). The engine should then be started and allowed to idle while the Chrysler oil filter is inspected for any leaks. If leaks are absent, it completes the process of Chrysler oil filter replacement.

How to clear the “oil change required” light when the oil and Chrysler oil filter is changed regularly however?

The steps to try and eradicate the “oil change required” message from the car after a Chrysler oil filter change are as follows:
1. The ignition switch should be turned to the “On” position ensuring the engine is not started.
2. The accelerator pedal should be depressed completely and slowly. This should be done three times within 10 seconds.
3. The ignition switch should be turned to the “Off/Lock” position.

In case the message persists, once the engine is started, the oil change indicator system may not have reset and the above steps may need to be repeated.

What tools are required to change the oil on a Chrysler 300M apart from a Chrysler oil filter wrench?

The Chrysler oil filter on the 300M is not located in an open area to easily enable the use of a strap type oil filter wrench. In case the filter is fitted tightly, it may not come off manually and a cup type wrench used with a ratchet and extension can be tried. Alternatively a 3 jaw-claw type wrench with a ratchet and extension can also be used. The filter comes out from the left side of the engine block towards the front of the left motor mount. The access to this is from above the left sub-frame rail. Apart from the filter wrench, another wrench or socket is required to remove the drain plug. If the original plug is present on the 300M, a 13mm size would be sufficient. A half inch size can also be used but it can get tight over the drain plug hex.

How can the “O” ring be replaced on the Chrysler oil filter mounting base of a 2005 Town & Country?

Typically there is no “O” ring at the Chrysler oil filter mounting base. The rings are generally present on the oil filter itself. Sometimes during oil changes, the oil filter “O” ring can remain in place on the base while the filter gets installed on top of it. However, this is incorrect and has most likely occurred in this case.

Many times, an oil change can be performed by the owner provided they are mechanically inclined and have the required information. Similarly to know the right type, quality and quantity of oil required for the Chrysler oil filter to operate smoothly is important. To get more information and opinions on your Chrysler oil filter issues asking Experts can get you the answers in a quick and affordable manner.
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