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Military Officer

What are Military Officers?

A military officer is a person in the military that holds command or authority over soldiers. If the officer is a Commissioned Officer, he/she holds authority over a certain section or office of a military branch. These types of officers are usually the only officers who, if need be, can hold a commanding officer position. A superior officer is an officer who has a higher rank than the officers that are considered subordinate officers. There are several things that officers are responsible for and when the questions arise as to what he/she is responsible for or how to proceed in issues in regards to the officers, than a person may need to consult an Expert.

If the spouse of a military officer finds out his/her husband is having an affair, what could he/she do to report this and will the spouse know that it has been reported?

The spouse of the officer would need to write a letter to the officer’s commanding officer letting them know what has happened. The commanding officer would then start an investigation into the allegations, and if found guilty may result in the officer being removed from the military and that could affect the former spouse’s income. The officer would be told of the investigation. Another alternative may be for the spouse to file for divorce and use adultery as the reason or grounds of the divorce.

Can a 26 year old military officer date a 16 or 17 year old in the state of Texas?

The UMJC sates that the age of consent is 16; however the state of Texas says the consenting age is 17. If the officer has sex with the person when they are 16, they could be prosecuted and then the military may take legal action as well and if the officer waits till the person is 17 then he/she may still get in trouble for any past sexual contact if the person was 16.

Can a spouse still report his/her spouse for adultery if they are separated and living apart?

The spouse may report the person to his/her commanding officer if there is sexual intercourse. This is considered adultery and is against the UCMJ. The officer’s commander may not bring charges against the officer depending on the situation that is going on at the time. The reporting spouse may need to consider that if there is divorce proceedings and the officer is charged with the crime, he/she may lose his/her military career or part of his/her pay.

Would a civilian that has no military connection have to stand for a military officer when he/she enters a room?

As a matter of courtesy, most civilians will stand in respect to an officer entering a room, but the civilian is not forced to and does not have to follow the rules of the UCMJ due to it not having any bearings over the civilian population.

Military Officers are a very important part of the chain of command in any military branch of the armed forces. There may be several questions that one may come upon in regards to the legal and moral duties of a military officer. When a person finds themselves face with any questions or concerns regarding a military officer, then they can consult the Experts or the commanding officer.
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