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Microsoft Office Problems

Microsoft Office is a very popular and extensively used suite of applications that has been developed for use on both Windows and Mac computers. It has a wide variety of functions and therefore suits both professional and individual needs. Over the years, the Microsoft Office suite has expanded and added many more applications to its portfolio. Among its many features are applications for desktop publishing, word processing, webpage creations, spreadsheets, databases and so on. Listed below are a few questions answered by the Experts on issues related to installing and using Microsoft Office.

I did a standard and not a custom installation of Microsoft Office Home & Student. Now I find that my Microsoft Excel does not have VBA. What should I do?

Based on the version of Microsoft Excel you have installed, you would need to run the Excel “Detect or Repair” utility or the “Diagnostics” utility to help you reinstall any missing components. For more information on how to do this, check:

In case this doesn’t work, you may need to run the Microsoft Excel setup once more from your Office CD and choose the VBA option.

To do this for Microsoft Excel 2010 version, you first need to close Excel, reboot the computer, then go to your control panel. Find “Programs and Features” (if your OS is Windows 7), click on “Office 2010” and run the “Repair” option. Then open Excel and check if it is working alright.

I have a Mac and after I downloaded Microsoft Office 2011 onto it, I can’t seem to open old Excel workbooks. When I attempt to do so, a message appears saying that Excel can’t open this workbook and the file name or path has invalid characters. What do I do?

It seems that your file name has characters that are not supported by the Mac version of Office that you have. It is better to check the name of your file and remove any slashes (/) that it may have before you attempt to open it once more. Filenames that have these symbols could open on Windows versions of Office but may not be supported by recent versions of Office for Mac.

Once I upgraded to Microsoft Office 2010, I find that my document imaging and scanning has disappeared. What should I do?

Microsoft 2010 does not have Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI) since it has been removed from this package. You can read more about this at:

If you want to use a few MODI features, you can follow the instructions at the link below:

Every time I attempt to convert my Microsoft office 2007 trial after it expired, the activation wizard reappears. What should I do to fix this?

To fix this, go to “Start”, access the” Control Panel”, choose “Add Or Remove Program” and get the trial version of your Office uninstalled. Once you do this, shut your system down, re-start it and then attempt to install Office again. Enter the product key when you install it and it should sort the problem out.

By accident, I erased Microsoft Office on my laptop. How do I install it now?

You would need to re-install Microsoft Office by using the installation CDs. You could do this by getting in touch with Microsoft at 1-800-MICROSOFT and requesting them for a replacement CD of the Office program. It may cost you around $10 to get a replacement CD. Keep your laptop handy when you call them as they may need the computer serial number and other details.

While you may have come across some of the problems mentioned above, you could have other questions pertaining to the use of Microsoft Office that are unique to your situation. While you could attempt to fix these by yourself, sometimes you need the help of an Expert who can guide you better. Put your questions to the Microsoft Office Experts now and find quick solutions to your problems that save both time and costs.
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