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Honda Odometer Questions

A Honda odometer malfunction is not a very uncommon scenario. Like every other component, people face several issues with them while being operated or used. However, when a problem arises, it is always good to get in touch with an Expert as soon as possible. It not only helps to reduce the complications related to that particular problem but also prevents it from getting worse.

Below are frequently asked questions on various Honda odometer issues that have been answered by the Experts in this article.

What could cause a Honda odometer to suddenly quit working even though the speedometer works fine?

This could be caused by a faulty odometer or trip meter that might need a replacement to get fixed. Contact an Expert to get the required part for replacement.

What is the reason the cluster lights and odometer in Honda fail to function with an error message?

Most commonly, it could be due to a bad cluster that should be replaced to fix the problem. An Expert’s advice could be sought to help with a replacement like this.

What can be done if a Honda odometer fails to work despite replacing the transmission speed sensor?

First, verify if the replaced speed sensor is generating speed in the vehicle by using a scan tool with live data capability. If not, the gear teeth in the transmission are most likely damaged and should be replaced. However, if it does, then one needs to inspect the wiring at the speedometer head for any signs of breakage. If the wires turn out to be good, a replacement of the speedometer head would be the next best repair option. An Expert may be better suited to help aid in a repair like this.

What could cause a Honda odometer to flash and stop once the D-light appears?

A faulty transmission range switch or an unadjusted gear selector cable can cause this to happen. Using a diagnostic scanner, check for any error codes to find out the true cause of this problem. Many auto parts stores can provide this service for free.

What could cause a Honda odometer with other control systems to suddenly lose power?

It could be from a defective or drained out alternator. Typically, a failed alternator causes a car battery to lose its strength, causing the control system to shut down and lose power. Therefore, it is highly recommended to load test the alternator and ensure if this is causing the problem. If so, replacing the component would be the next best thing to do. Get online assistance from an Expert, if needed.

What will cause a Honda odometer to quit after the engine seized up?

A faulty crankshaft position sensor, a defective pick up inside the distributor, a failed main relay under the dash or a damaged ignition switch could be the possible cause for this. The best solution would be to troubleshoot each of these components and determine what is causing the problem. Consulting an Expert could be of great assistance in a case like this.

What could cause the Honda odometer, speedometer and gauges to fail to operate?

The most common cause could be a defective gauge cluster. Other possible reasons could be a faulty printed circuit board, a bad electrical load detector (ELD) unit or a shorted out fuse in the gauge cluster. The best recourse would be to have them properly diagnosed to figure out the real cause.

What could cause a Honda odometer screen to stay on and flash the message ‘unreadable’?

A shorted out cell in the battery, a faulty odometer display or a bad vehicle speed sensor could cause this issue. Thus, troubleshooting these components with an Expert’s help and replacing them as needed, is what a person could do to fix this issue.

What can cause the odometer needle in Honda to heat up on a lower rpm and the engine to overheat on a higher one?

A faulty head gasket can cause this problem that might need replaced to fix this issue. However, before replacing the component, inspecting the radiator and exhaust for excessive hydrocarbon release would be a good idea. This will allow one to confirm the fault.

What can someone do if the Honda odometer trip readings fail to appear?

Normally, a faulty gauge cluster could be the most common cause for this. However, before any repairs are made, performing a battery cable reset would be highly recommended. To do this, first unplug both the negative and positive battery cables. Then, take these cables away from the battery terminal to avoid any accidental arcs. Finally, have them connected to each other for a couple of minutes to allow the cluster to reset. If it fails to work out, replacing the cluster would be required.

If you have a set of questions about how to repair or fix your Honda odometer and you don’t know where to go to get them cured, asking a verified Expert is usually the best possible option. You can get all your queries and doubts clarified at reasonable prices in no time from your home. 

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