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Obligee Related Legal Questions

An obligee is someone to whom an obligation has been made based on a legal agreement or contract. For example, the parent who receives child support from the other parent becomes the obligee and the parent paying child support is the obligor. Listed below are a few questions answered by Experts on obligee-related questions.

Once the obligee gets married, does child support get terminated?

Child support is given to take care of the child’s needs. It does not terminate once the custodial parent gets married. At re-marriage, spousal support can stop but not child support.

My two boys will get Social Security (SS) benefits direct from SS starting in June. I am the obligee and I informed Child Support Enforcement (CSE) about this change. But I am still getting paid through the clearing house. I’d like to know if I will be entitled to both child support and SS.

Child support is separate from Social Security. Legally, you should be paid child support based on the court orders and also receive monthly SS payments.

I am based in California and want to know how to prove cohabitation in order to reduce spousal support.

In a case like this, what you would need to do is show that the obligee is now “cohabiting with a person of the opposite sex”. However, the cohabitation must prove that this is more than a simple roommate relationship or “boarding arrangement”. The relationship should be of a romantic, sexual, or at least “homemaker-companion” nature.

If you have any evidence to prove this, you can use it in court. This would include texts, e-mails, phone conversations, or testimony by eyewitness.

You could also check if both of their mail is being delivered to the same address. Besides this, talking to neighbors, friends, and relatives could help in establishing the real nature of the relationship. Video footage of the two people in question spending the night together, kissing at home or in public, or even holding hands could also prove helpful in establishing cohabitation.

As an obligee, can I file a lien on real estate which is the obligor’s primary residence, for child support arrears that amount to more than $14,000?

What you could do is create a lien on the primary residence by recording the judgment in the public records. However the lien cannot be foreclosed if it is homestead.

There are many kinds of obligees and different laws that pertain to each of them. To get information on any legal question you may have about an oblige, all you have to do is direct your questions to Experts.
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