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Obedience Training for Dogs

What is obedience training for dogs?

When you hear the words obedience training most people thinks it is only for dogs that are bad, that is far from the case. Obedience training is for the dog to learn commands the owner wants them to know. The basic training is for sit, stay and come obedience training is so that the dog understands what the owner wants them to do. There are more complex obedience training for dogs that compete in competitions where the dog is judged on several things such as performance and accuracy. To find more information you can read below where Experts have answered many questions about obedience training for dogs.

How do you get a dog to come to you when you call it over with a treat?

This is purely obedience training for your dog and this can be very hard thing to teach a dog. Now the biggest problem is that since you have tried using treats and the dog does not respond to you; you will have to start at the beginning of training. You may need to start this training in a small area where the dog cannot escape. Since the treats did not work for you, you may want to try an Ultrasonic Collar. If you call your dog over to you and it does not react properly then you may need to use the collar to get the dogs attention. You need to make sure though when you use the collar that every time the dog does come to you that you praise the dog and then give the dog a treat. Giving the dog a treat may help with treat training instead of having to always use the collar to train the dog.

Why would a dog bite someone for no reason, the dog has never done this before it has growled at people?

It sounds as if your dog has an obedience and aggression problems, the dog thinks that it is in control of your family. You may want to let your family member know that if they have any contact with this dog to be careful. First you might try finding out what triggers your dog to act out there are many possibilities such as the dog thinks it is protecting a toy, food or its family members. If you can figure out what causes your dog to act out of line then fixing the problem can be much simpler. Once you have figured out the dogs trigger you may want to start obedience training for the dog or home training. Start with simple commands such as sit, stay, or lie down, do not let the dog control you. If you are having trouble teaching your dog these commands you might try using a stimulating collar. This can help you get control over your dog.

Why does my dog only have aggression towards my partner?

It sounds as your dog is trying to show dominance; this type of behavior is very unacceptable. You need to teach your dog that you are the owner and you are in control. Your partner needs to use a low stern voice and tell the dog that what it is doing it unacceptable. One way to show the dog that you are in control is to have your partner be the one that feeds the dog, so that way the dog is dependent on your partner. Keep in mind that you may only want to feed the dog after you have eaten so it shows the dog that the owner comes first.

What kind of training goes into training a Rottweiler?

When it comes to training a dog such as a Rottweiler there is actually no specific training for that breed of dog, it is general obedience training for all breeds of dogs. Training any dog is not easy especially not a Rottweiler. This could take weeks or even months to train this dog to do exactly what you want. You may want to keep in mind that you need to be gentle, loving and caring but also stern when needed so that the dog does not think it has control over you.

Obedience training for a dog is something that most dog owners try but do not succeed in, the reason that they don’t succeed is because they let the dog win control. There are a lot of rules when training a dog and it can be hard, very time consuming and confusing. To find more information on obedience training for dogs you can contact a dog veterinarian.
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