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Chrysler O2 Sensor Questions

Need help troubleshooting an Oxygen or O2 sensor on a Chrysler? Need step-by-step instructions on how to replace an O2 sensor? These O2 sensors are responsible in monitoring the converter to ensure the emissions are being cleaned sufficiently to meet the emission specifications or standards. This information is used by the powertrain control module (PCM) to gauge the correct air/fuel ratio for better engine performance and fuel efficiency. If an oxygen sensor becomes faulty, the engine performance may not be affected, but there could be a decrease in fuel economy. For vehicles equipped with two O2 sensors, when one becomes defective, it can strain the other. To know more about Chrysler O2 sensors in particular, below are a few common questions answered by Experts.

Where is the Chrysler O2 sensor fuse for Bank One?

Typically a fuse is not used for Chrysler O2 sensor heaters. This sensor heater has a ground and the element is heated by a feed directly from the ASD relay. If the car is operating, the relay is functioning fine. A P0134 code will be set when the oxygen sensor signal remains at the center. This would indicate that the heater is working fine. The code is also an indication of a lazy sensor. Replacing the upstream Chrysler O2 sensor should address the problem.

Is the error code P0420 on a Chrysler Pacifica 350 due to a defective O2 sensor?

The code P0420 is not related to the O2 sensor. A shop can diagnose if it is the catalytic convertor or the O2 sensor causing the problem and replace whichever one.

What could cause a replacement Chrysler O2 sensor to fail in five days?

There may be no aftermarket oxygen sensor compatible with an NGC controller, therefore, by installing an aftermarket oxygen sensor on a Chrysler vehicle newer than 2002.5, with an NGC controller, can cause the check engine light to come on. First, try replacing the sensor with a Mopar part and then disconnect the battery. This clears the controller memory for both fuel adaptive and oxygen sensor heater’s characteristics.

How to remove the Chrysler O2 sensor on a 2001 Town and Country 3.3 engine?

To obtain clear access to the upstream Chrysler O2 sensor, the battery and the battery tray need to be removed and the speed control servo needs to be unbolted and repositioned. The removal steps are as follows:
1. The battery should be removed
2. Next the battery tray should come out
3. Disconnect the speed control vacuum harness and the electrical connector from the servo
4. The speed control servo and bracket should then be removed and repositioned
5. A socket such as the “Snap-on” (R) YA8875 or equivalent should be used to remove the sensor.

What is causing code “P0158 Oxygen Sensor Circuit High Voltage” (Bank2, sensor 2) on a 2003 Chrysler Concorde.

This code means the Chrysler O2 sensor needs replaced. It is rarely a wiring or a PCM issue.

As described in several questions and answers above, the efficient working of the Chrysler O2 sensor is directly related to a consistent performance of the Chrysler engine. Problems and issues can lead to decreased performance and fuel economy for the engine in the car. In order to understand any Chrysler O2 sensor related problems you are facing, Experts can be the right source to receive the answers you are looking for. Their skills and expertise can guide you in the right direction.
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