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Dog Nutritional Requirements

In bringing a new pet home we don’t always consider everything. Not only is the environment, well-being and general health of our pet important, but what we offer our pet to eat is equally important for a balanced nutritional diet, Nutritional requirements are necessary in maintaining good health. Read below where many Experts have answered the commonly asked questions regarding dog nutritional requirements.

What is the best brand of dog food to offer my pet?

This is a topic of great controversy. Dog food nutritional comparison may be found through web sites on the internet or offered through your veterinarian. In that some pets may be picky or finicky eaters they may be the one choosing what is best for them. Most dog foods are formulated not tested, therefor adequate results of the affect a dog food has on one’s pet may not be known. Be aware that many dog foods are outsourced to other countries in supplying the vitamins and nutrients added to dog food. If the food you are currently offering has resulted in your pet’s good health than why change, a change in diet may trigger other health issues.

What food can be offered to both a cat and a dog for proper nutrition?

In most situations, dogs and cats have different nutritional needs so therefor they need to be eating foods designed for them. Although the foods may not harm either pet, cat food may not offer dog nutritional requirements necessary in maintaining good health. Restricted feeding times for both pets may be necessary in offering the best foods designed for each pets need.

Is it healthy for my dog to have a dog diet consisting of human food?

Generally, feeding a diet of human food to a dog is bad for the dog’s health. Dogs are not able to properly process some of the fats and seasonings the way a human can. Dogs can develop gastritis or pancreatitis from human food if it's a regular part of the dog's diet. You may need to wean your dog from human food to having a diet meant for dogs. Begin by cooking the human food and make it bland. Boiled skinless chicken breast, hamburger meat with no juice or grease, and some cooked rice is good to start with. Begin to add regular dog food into the mix until all the dog eats is the dog food.

What could be wrong with a dog that is losing weight very quickly?

The weight loss could be because the dog may have not the correct amount of nutrition. In order to make sure your dog is receiving the accurate amount of food, the individual may not want to leave food out at all times. Only feed your dog twice a day and leave the food out for about 15 to 20 minutes, if the dog does not finish all their food, you can remove it and try again at a later time. Also, make sure the dog is getting plenty of exercise, and try to steer away from any human food the dog may come in contact with. However, nutrition may not be the only cause. Many other causes can be because of parasite, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency and many more. Your pet may also need to be wormed. Often worms can make a dog sick and even cause them to lose weight. If the above does not show some sort of improvement, the individual may want to take their dog to see their family veterinarian.

Can a dog's diet cause seizures?

Seizures typically do not result from, nor are related to the a dog's diet. If the dog food was harmful then signs of vomiting or diarrhea would be present. If these aren't present, then the cause of seizures is unlikely to be linked with the dog's diet. Some common illnesses that can cause seizures in a dog are epilepsy or a toxin exposure.

If a puppy seems to be sleepy, and eats irregularly, is this normal behavior for a puppy?

In offering dog nutritional requirements, a proper diet is necessary. Puppies go through so many changes in the first year of their life. As long as they are having good days, with input and output of nourishment and water, this can be normal puppy behavior. In that puppies may experience growth spurts an offering of food at all times may be necessary in receiving the nourishment your pet requires. A new puppy may play more activity some days than others and it may be normal behavior for a puppy to sleep a lot when exerted. An Expert may have insight of various dog food nutrition comparisons offered with each brand of dog food and how to offer a change in diet to a new puppy that may be picky about what they eat.

How can I get my dog to stop eating dog feces as part of its diet?

Eating feces is not as uncommon as you might think. It is more of a behavioral problem in dogs than a medical problem. There are things that you can do to help your dog break out of this behavior and get its diet regime back to normal. A tried and tested practice is to coat the feces you find with things a dog would not like: pepper, lemon juice, Tabasco sauce, etc. When your dog consumes the feces that are coated with one of these things the dog will not want to repeat the act. There is also products on the market that you could add to your dog’s normal diet that would make its own feces taste bad to the dog.

What could cause a 13-month old dog to lose their appetite and is now having blood in the diarrhea?

In many situations, dogs may experience Gastroenteritis. This could be because the dog at that age is very curious and wants to put everything in their mouth and can be exposed to things that can harm the immune system. However, if the dog has gastroenteritis or GI this could be a possible solution that the dog has a low appetite. Since, the dog is experiencing diarrhea and blood in their stool this once again is a common symptom of GI that is an infection and can indicate lower bowel diseases. Since the dog is having a low appetite and is having diarrhea the individual may need to consider the amount of nutrition the dog is in taking, and if the dog has become dehydrated as well. A way to confirm whether or not the dog has become dehydrated, the individual can look at the eyes to see if they are sunken in, also if the gums are tacky instead of wet, or if the skin does not fall back as quick as normal. Individuals may need to consult their vet for more information dealing with the loss of appetite and loss of nutrition.

What might cause a dog to lose a toe nail?

Trauma or malnutrition may be the most likely causes of a dog losing a toe nail. A pet that may not receive a proper diet, offering a dog nutritional requirement’s essential for healthy strong nails, may result in the loss of a toe nail. Some pets may require additional vitamins to their diet in offering adequate protection. A visit with one’s vet may offer insight to the cause of a pet losing their nail in offering a treatment or change in diet, offering a dog the nutrition necessary for good health.

Dogs are not just our pets anymore. They fall into the category of many households as a family member. Our concern for our dog’s nutritional requirements is important to many in offering our pet a long, happy, healthy life together. In choosing a dog food that offers the best nutrition for our pet may be the most important decision a pet owner may have to make in offering a safe environment for their pet. For more information regarding dog nutritional requirements, these individuals can contact the Experts to receive reliable information and answers. 


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