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Numbness Questions

What is numbness?

Numbness is when the body has no or minimal feelings in parts of the body. Numbness can occur for many different reasons and normally is a sign of a medical or mental issue. Numbness can occur in any part of the body and can affect a tiny or large area. When someone is dealing with numbness in the body, questions about the causes can treatments can occur. Read below to find commonly asked questions that have been answered by Experts.

Can anxiety cause numbness in the chest area and how is this fixed?

When there is numbness around the chest, this can be caused from having anxiety. In some cases, anxiety can manifest as an attack causing the feeling in the chest or feeling of not being able to breathe. In some cases, numbness may go away once the anxiety has been treated.

Is it normal for numbness to be in the area of an injury and will this go away?

When someone has a physical issue, numbness can be the side effect. when the body is trying to heal, feeling in the injured area can be minimal, giving the feeling of numbness. Once the area is healed, numbness can fade and full feeling can be restored.

How does someone have numbness during a panic attack and how this treated?

When someone has a panic attack, numbness in the throat is often a sign or feeling during the attack. When the body is responding to the attack, the areas that help with breathing can become restricted. Once the attack is over, the numbness and shortness of breath may go away. Treating the panic attacks will often help treat the feeling of numbness.

If someone has a panic issue, is numbness in the throat normal? What doctor should this person see, and how is the numbness treated or prevented?

In some cases, when there is a feeling of being numb in the throat, this can be a mental feeling that the individual gets when they are having a panic attack or issues with a panic issue. in many cases, when there is any kind of panic issues individual will need to seek help of a psychologist to help treat the attacks. Once the attacks are addressed, the numbness feeling could go away. In some cases, the doctor may have the individual take medications in order to help keep the attacks to a minimum. If the panic attacks can be prevented, the numbness can be prevented as well.

When someone suffers from panic attacks, what can cause these and is numbness a sign? How is this numbness treated and is the treatment for the panic attacks the same?

When someone has fears or other mental conditions that cause them to be fearful, a panic attack can occur. When these attacks occur, the feeling of numbness is often a sign that the panic attack is occurring. In treating a panic attack, the numbness is also treated. Once the attack has been cured or treated, the numbness should be taken care of.

When there is a feeling of the body loosing feeling or having no feeling at all, this is considered to be numbness. When this numbness is felt, questions regarding the cause, treatment, and prevention may arise. When answers to these questions or any questions about numbness are needed, the person may want to ask the Experts.
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