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Non-violent Crimes

What is a non-violent crime?

A non-violent crime is a crime that does not involve physical force. It also does not cause physical or emotional pain to another. They usually involve property, drug, and public offenses. Some crimes that would be examples of a non-violent crime include forgery, drug trafficking, and drug possession. However, sometimes what would normally be considered a non-violent crime can easily turn into a violent crime. Individual may not consider a non violent a crime, but in fact this is still considered a crime. For more information about non violent crimes, contact the Experts.

Can a person with a non-violent crime record have their gun rights restored to them?

Depending on what state this person is in, they usually would be allowed to have their gun rights given back to them as long as they have received a pardon. This pardon must prove that an executive official has recognized that the person under question has turned their life around and deserves to have certain rights restored; in this case, it would be the gun rights. In order to receive a pardon, one must go to the Pardon and Parole Board and get an application that can be submitted. Before submitting the application, one should attach copies of all court records received and make sure that they are available in order to help with the investigation of providing a pardon. However, pardons can be very difficult to receive. A pardon is not automatically given as soon as the application is submitted.

If a person is convicted for a non-violent crime, can another person serve out the prison sentence instead of the person convicted if they are willing?

There is no known lawful reason for any sort of substitution to be made when it comes to a defendant serving out their sentence. The convicted defendant is the only person that is able to serve out their own sentence. A proxy cannot be used to pay for the crime that the person was found guilty of. A possibility of someone else standing in to serve their sentence would make the functions of the criminal justice system completely pointless. If a person were to write to the judge that convicted the person and stated that they were willing to serve out the prison sentence in the defendant’s place would not help the defendant in any way and could even possibly backfire on the defendant depending on how the judge took the situation.

Is it legal for the police to interrogate a minor who is being accused of a non-violent crime if their guardian is not present?

If the person being interrogated is a suspect to the crime, then the police would need to make sure that the guardian of the suspect is present. If the police interrogate the minor without the guardian being present, then the court cannot consider the statement made by the child in regards to the case. However, if the police possess other evidential information outside of the child’s statement, then the statement can be considered pointless anyhow.

If a person is on parole for a non-violent crime, is it true that they are not allowed to get married until they are off of parole?

Whether or not this person can get married depends on the person they want to get married to. If the person on parole wants to marry a convicted felon, the court can make restrictions because any type of relationship with a felon is not allowed while one is one parole. The only way to get around this rule would be if the couple was already married prior to the parole. If the person is not a felon, there are no rules that prevent one from being married while on parole.

Non-violent crimes are not considered to be as serious as violent crimes, but they are still extremely serious. Felonies still come about because of these non-violent crimes. There are certain technical questions about non-violent crimes that can pop up, and many people encounter these questions with their personal situations. When these questions come about, just present the questions to the Experts.

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