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Non Profit Problems

What is a nonprofit organization?

A nonprofit organization is defined as an organization that uses more income to accomplish the goals other than hand these out as a profit. Many states in the United States refer to the IRS under the United States Internal Revenue Code Section 501C when the IRS believes an organization is qualified. Read below where many nonprofit questions have been answered by the Experts.

In the state of Louisiana can a Limited Liability Company (LLC) run a nonprofit 501c program?

A profit Limited Liability Company (LLC) cannot own its own nonprofit program. A nonprofit program needs to be separate and independent. Now, if the Limited Liability Company would form a contract that was separate from the nonprofit organization in order to run this program, which would be legal. The owner of the Limited Liability Company mind find that consulting with a Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations (LANO) could be very helpful or they could contact many other Business Experts online.

If someone owns a 501 C3 nonprofit organization in the state of Oklahoma how do they go about combining the nonprofit organization with an Limited Liability Company?

The nonprofit organization cannot have any sort of relationship that can clash with its nonprofit intention. If the Limited Liability Company is going to use the same employees, then the owner will need to make sure that the profit from the Limited Liability Company pays for the nonprofit for the amount of all costs. Some of these costs can include direct salary, benefits, and some employees that are in question. The nonprofit organization cannot support the Limited Liability Company in any way.

Can a nonprofit organization start taking donations from other nonprofit organizations before a 501c is approved by the IRS? If so, would these be tax deductible?

There are two answers here. As for whether a nonprofit organization can receive charity before the IRS has approved the 501c, in this case the organization can, there is nothing that stops any organization from receiving these donations. Now, as to if these donations are considered tax deductible donor, in many cases the one who has provided these donations would not be able to take a charitable donation deduction until the IRS has approved the 501c3. With that being said, since the organization that has been donating is considered a nonprofit organization, this the nonprofit organization that will be receiving these donations will not benefit from any deductions.

In the state of Ohio can a nonprofit organization legally own property with homes and rent the homes out to other individuals?

Since this is a nonprofit organization, then the organization can own real property and rent it out. The non-profit organization can only share the profits to its members. This is one of the differences between a profit and a nonprofit organization.

There are many differences between a profit organization and a nonprofit organization. There are also many nonprofit laws a person must follow in order to get their nonprofit organization approved by the IRS. For answers and more information on nonprofit law and how to start a nonprofit contact the many available Experts.
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