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No Contact Order Questions

A No Contact Order is a court order that prevents a person from having any contact with the person who filed the No Contact Order. This includes any interaction through phone, internet, written messages, or through another person. No Contact Orders are commonly filed in domestic abuse situations, family law affairs, and other situations where a person fears for their safety. In most states, the individual filing the No Contact Order needs to approach the court and file a temporary order. The court will then proceed to have an evidentiary hearing to decide whether the No Contact Order needs to be made permanent. Many times when a person is faced with dealing with a No Contact Order, there are questions that need answered and are case specific. Read below where Experts answer a variety of questions regarding No Contact Orders.

In Florida how can a No Contact Order to a No Violence Contact be changed?

In order to change a No Contact Order in Florida, a motion will need to be filed with the court. A person may file a petition with the court by themselves or enlist the help of a Law Expert. Many times due to changing circumstances, a No Contact Order maybe changed to accommodate the situation.

? If a No Contact Order is filed in MN, and the person filing the order contacts the person receiving the order, can legal action commence?

It is not against a law for the filing party to contact the receiving party of a No Contact Order. However, if the court/Judge feels that the order was placed with malice intent, the court/Judge may lift and remove the order. As always once a No Contact Order is in place, it is best to contact the receiver through legal counsel.

How can a No Contact Order be dropped in Iowa?

If the contact order filed was due to domestic violence, the court may probably deny the request to vacate the order. If there was no domestic violence a person can usually proceed to file a motion to vacate the order but will need to provide the court with sufficient evidence for vacating the No Contact Order like reconciliation or working out issues with both parties involved.

In Tennessee what is the distance a person needs to stay away from a child if a contact order is filed against him/ her and what would constitute as a violation of the contact order?

A No Contact Order means that the person should have absolutely no contact with the child. If the person shows up in places that are frequented by the child, it could be considered as a probable violation. If you feel the No Contact Order has been violated, you can approach the clerk of the court’s office and inform the clerk that you want to file a contempt charge. He/she will help you with the paperwork. If the No Contact Order is violated again, you can call 911 and have the person arrested.

Can Child Protective Services (CPS) in Washington file a No Contact Order on behalf of a minor child against someone without advising the parent?

In most cases, yes CPS in Washington is under no compulsion to inform any parent if they file a no contact or protection order against anyone they deem fit. The CPS does however have to serve the party with a copy of the protective order. A No Contact Order violation can result in hefty fines and immediate arrest. If you have a No Contact Order filed against you and you need to talk to the aggrieved person you need to approach the police, the prosecutor, or a lawyer to help mediate. . No Contact Order Many times, having or filing a No Contact Order may become confusing especially when a person does not know the rights and law that surrounds the order. Often, case details will determine the outcome of filing for a No Contact Order. If there are questions regarding specific situations, it could prove to be beneficial to contact an Expert before proceeding further.
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