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NJP (Non Judicial Punishment)

What is NJP?

NJP (non-judicial punishment) is to discipline members of the military for such offenses as petty theft, reporting late for duty, disobeying orders and providing false information among others. Actual punishments under non-judicial punishment regulations are usually restricted to diminished rations, correctional custody, extra duties and forfeiture of pay and reduction of rank. When someone needs advice regarding non-judicial punishment, seeking Expert advice is the first place to start as.

If a person was charged with a non-judicial punishment while in the Air Force how would they be able to get the charges taken off the record so they can find employment?

Non-judicial punishment would not show up on a criminal record. The punishment is not a misdemeanor it is administrative and has no judicial process. If someone is finding this on their criminal record they need to hire a criminal defense attorney to help remove it.

Can someone in the military that has no non-judicial punishment be restricted to the barracks by their superiors?

The only person that can restrict someone to the barracks is the battalion commander if they are pending a court martial. If a person goes to NJP they could have their liberty restricted.

If a soldier completes their punishment can the still be flagged if they had non-judicial punishment (Article 15)?

Once a soldier has completed the flag should be lifted immediately. If the flag hasn't been lifted talk to the front line supervisor and inform them of the Army regulations and the flag should be lifted. If the flag is still not lifted the soldier should talk with a JAG. If you have any further questions regarding non-judicial punishment feel free to consult the military lawyers for quick and affordable legal insight.

If someone was applying for law school would it show up on a back ground check that they received a honorable discharge and had a NJP for a DUI while on base in the military?

A NJP is an administrative measure of punishment. It is non-criminal so it wouldn't show up on most background checks. If military police were involved then it is possible for there to be a national criminal database entry but a single DUI would not stop entry into the bar.

Can someone that has already been awarded a non judicial punishment be administratively separated?

Based on the offenses on which the person was found guilty at Mast they can be administratively discharged. If the charges are considered to be serious offenses the person could possibly receive a other than honorable discharge.

Non-judicial punishments are punishments made outside of a courtroom by a commander of a battalion. These punishments do not show up on a criminal background check since they were not handled by a judiciary committee or a judge. It is possible for the accused to appeal an imposition of non-judicial punishment on the grounds of being unjust or disproportionate to the offense. This must be done in writing and given to the next superior person via the officer who gave the punishment to begin with. The information may be confusing to a person and they may have several unanswered questions or concerns regarding NJP that they need to receive advice about. When it comes to getting fast and affordable advice regarding non-judicial punishment, the Experts are a great place to turn.
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