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Newborn Adoption Related Questions

The adoption of a newborn can be a rewarding experience. The anticipation of adding a tiny one to the family can be one of the greatest moments that would-be parent can have. With all of the excitement that comes with adoption, there is also apprehension. In some cases, there can also be legal issues. The questions that arise during an adoption can be overwhelming to prospective parents. Many find themselves in need of assistance and turn to the Lawyers on JustAnswer for expert insight. Below are 5 of the top newborn adoption questions answered on JustAnswer.

If a minor has a baby and wants to put the infant up for adoption , what rights do the minor's parents have?

Usually, the parents of the minor have the authority to decide what is best for their child. This authority extends to decisions about the adoption of the minor's child in most cases. This authority of the parents usually ends once the children are no longer minor and can take their own decisions.

If an adult mother wants to put her newborn up for adoption, does the grandparent have the right to know who adopts the baby and may they keep in contact with the baby?

Many grandparents ask this question. In most cases, this is not possible because once a child has been adopted, the biological parents and grandparents have no legal right to the adopted child. Sometimes grandparents offer to adopt the grandchild in order to stay in contact with the child and ensure that the child stays within the family.

What could a father do if his newborn baby has been adopted without his consent?

In such a situation, if the father has given the agency a notice that he intended to keep the baby but was ignored, the father can hire an attorney to contest the adoption. Finding out that your infant has been adopted without your knowledge can be a devastating blow. The particulars of your case can impact the legal recourse available to you. You can ask a Family Lawyer on JustAnswers to assess the details of your situation and give you expert legal insights.

Are there grants available to those who wish to adopt but have less than perfect credit?

Many people are unaware of the fact that there are grants available for people who wish to adopt. There are government as well as private organizations who provide grants. However, those who apply must meet the certain requirements set down by these organizations and there is no guarantee that a person will get a grant just by applying. Many times the Department of Social Services will do a home study and the adoption could even be free. If you would like to get your situation evaluated, Family Lawyers on JustAnswer could provide insights on your chances of getting approved for grants and could answer any other legal questions you may have about newborn adoption laws.

What is the appeal process for a negative home study? Who should be contacted?

There are many things that can determine the outcome of a home study. If the social worker feels there are issues, they may in fact decline the prospective parent’s application for adoption. The goal of a home study is to determine if the home is suitable for the child being adopted and to educate the parents for the benefit of the child being placed in the home. In the case of a private placement adoption, the prospective parent can consider hiring another social worker to perform a new home study and have the first one disregarded.

Whether you are a biological parent or a potential adoptive parent considering adoption of an infant, being aware of the legal implications can help you take informed decisions. Family Lawyers on JustAnswer can provide fast and affordable answers to your questions. Their expert opinions and legal insights can help you clear your doubts on how to deal with situations and help you find appropriate legal direction.
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