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Network Security Key Issues

Many businesses have network security issues because of the confidential nature of their data. That is why security devices such as a wireless security key are important because they are unique passwords to a wireless network which protects unauthorized users from hacking the network and stealing data. However, sometimes these security devices become a problem if we forget the password for the network security key. Listed below are a few questions answered by the Experts on issues related to network security and network security key issues.

What do I do if I can’t remember the password for my network security key?

Case details: Computer OS: Windows 7, Browser: IE

The following steps will guide you in finding the password for your security key:

If your computer is wirelessly connected, choose the Control Panel by clicking the Windows Start button. Once you’ve done this, select Network and Sharing. Look at the top left on your screen and click on Manage Wireless Networks. Choose your wireless network and right click to display the drop down menu. Choose Properties thereafter and then select Security Tab. Choose the Show Characters Box. This should reveal your network password.

I have a Belkin Gigabit USB 2.0 network adaptor and am trying to find my network security key. What do I do?

Case details: Computer OS: Windows XP. I called my network provider who asked me to contact my router supplier.

To find the WEP/WPA key or the network security key, look at the bottom of the router for a label. It should display the details of the key. If it isn’t there, use a cable to connect the computer to a router and then find the router control panel to locate the key.

How do I get a network security key for my ZyXEL_E26 router?

Case details: Dell Inspiron Laptop, Computer OS: Windows 7, Browser: AOL, internal router

There are a few ways you could do this:

1. If the laptop is connected via wireless: Look at the bottom right of the screen and click on the network/wireless icon. Then select Open Network and Sharing Center. On the left you should find Manage wireless networks. Click on this and then select your individual wireless network. Right click on this and then choose Properties. Then choose Security tab and finally select Show characters. The Network security key you see above is your wireless password.

2. If that route doesn’t work and your windows 7 laptop is still connected via wireless, look at the bottom right of the screen and right click on the antivirus/security/firewall program. Try and disable it temporarily if you can. Then download If that doesn’t work, try downloading Once this is downloaded, run the WirelessKeyView.exe file. Then choose your wireless network name. The key (hex) or key (ascii) to your right is your wireless password.

3. If none of the above works, look at the bottom/back of the Zyxel router for the model.

I have misplaced my network security password. How can I find it?

Case details: Need password to install a wireless "ROKU" player on my TV in order to stream movies, wireless router: Netgear G WGR614 v9

To begin with, connect the router to the PC. Then click on this link: You will be asked for a username and password. Type the word “admin” for your username and “password” for your password. This will help you enter the Netgear router page. Click on the wireless tab and then select wireless security. This should display your password.

While the questions above concern network security keys, there are many more such issues regarding network security that could pertain to your individual situation. While some of these can be fixed by troubleshooting, others may need the help of a professional. Ask your questions to an Expert to find the quickest and the most cost-effective way of dealing with security threats to your network so you can keep your data secure.
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