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Net10 Cell Phone Problems

Net10 cell phones offer calling, texting, net surfing and sharing on current updated Net10 wireless SIM card. These are pre paid plans, without a contract. Users purchase airtime prior to use, every 30 days. Since there are many users, there is just as many issues that arise as any other cell phone carrier. Seeking the advice of the Experts can offer quick, convenient, answers to solve these issues. To read about Net10 cell phone problems, below are a few questions answered by Experts.

How can the time be changed on the Net10 phone (LG900GHL)?

Typically the time cannot be changed on the Net10 phone since it gets set automatically through Cell network. The Net10 phone can be turned off and the battery removed. When the Net10 is turned back on, the time on the Net10 cell phone should get corrected.

Is it possible to transfer minutes from a currently unused Net10 phone to another Net10 cell phone? How can a new Net10 cell phone be activated?

It is possible to transfer the balance or unused Net10 minutes to the new Net10 phone. The steps to do so are as follows:
1. Visit the Net10 Website
2. Here the option: "Transfer my number and service from one NET10 phone to another" should be selected and “Submit” should be clicked
3. Login to the user account or create an account if you don’t have one already

The procedure to activate a new Net10 phone is similar to the above procedure with some minor changes such as the option to be selected is "Activate My NET10 Phone" then “Continue” should be clicked. After an account is created or logged into, the serial number of the Net10 phone needs to be entered when prompted. This number can be found on the red activation card of the Net10 phone’s packaging.

Please note the request to transfer and activation of Net10 can take a few hours to 2 business days to get processed. If there are hurdles or problems faced completing this transfer, Net10 customer care can be contacted to provide assistance with this procedure.

How can photos from the LG800G Net10 phone be transferred to the computer using a USB cable?

Typically an external memory card may be required to transfer pictures from the Net10 phone to the computer unless it is emailed as an attachment. If the external memory card is present, the photos can be moved from the internal to external memory. The “Folder” widget on the main screen should be clicked on or “My Stuff” at the Settings screen. At the top of the screen click the on the middle one to view the phone’s memory contents. Next the lower left icon similar to a notebook should be clicked and then click “Move”. Now the external memory should be highlighted. Here the photos can be moved to a new folder, current folder or to any other desired folder. The USB cable should now be connected to the Net10 cell phone. The computer will recognize the external memory as a new hard drive. “My Computer” should be opened, where the new drive can be located and all the pictures from the phone should be visible here.

How can a Net10 prepaid LG900G be unlocked?

It should be noted that the Net10 prepaid cell phone cannot be unlocked as this is the nature or basic characteristic of a majority of prepaid cell phones.

How does one obtain a PUK code for a Net10 phone?

One of the only ways to obtain a PUK code is from the Net10 cell phone service provider as they would need to generate the code. Another place it is available usually is on the phone contract (this is the card the SIM was attached to). If it is not here, contacting the cell provider customer care is the only option.

Why is the Net10 phone asking for more after adding unlimited air time to it?

Sometimes the Net10 phone may need to reconnect to the network in order to register the Net10 unlimited air time minutes. To do so, the Net10 battery should be removed. After waiting for five minutes, the battery can be reinserted, and then tested for Net10 unlimited minutes. If it still requests for more, the registration could be erroneous and customer care may need to be contacted to check the Net10 account.

Listed above are some questions and problems people have asked related to the Net10 phones.. The information sought can be obtained in a clear and professional manner when directed to an Expert. They are able to provide the latest as well as pertinent information to the particular question asked. This can clear doubts, answer questions as well as solve problems in a timely and economical manner.
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