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Negotiation is an agreement between two or more people or groups, intended to reach an understanding, resolve point of difference, or gain advantage in outcome of dialogue, to produce an agreement upon action, to bargain for individual or collective agreement.

Filed credit card dispute, merchant's bank refused negotiation because "merchandise was not returned to the merchant", cased closed. How does one return an improperly functioning vehicle? Where do I go from here? I live on $674/month so $688.57 is a big deal. This can't possibly be legal, can it?? What are my options?

What the bank is saying is that it’s a contractual dispute between the person and the shop and they will not get involved. The person would have to file suit in small claims court against them for their repairs and to get the mechanic that looked at the vehicle to come to court to testify that they fraudulently told them about the difficult vehicle. The person has recourse, but it is against the shop that tried to defraud them in their repairs.

Can a judgment be made against me for a credit card debt when I have soc. sec. disability as my income.

A credit card company can get a judgment for the amount that a person may owe; but the judgment cannot be used to touch a person’s Social Security benefits. Also, if all the money in the bank account is from disability, creditors cannot take the funds that are in the bank accounts. If there is any money in the bank accounts that is not dealing with disability, those bank account funds can be garnished. Also, if all the money is from disability, the person should inform the bank in person and in writing so the person have proof that they should never allow the account(s) to be taken because all the money is from disability. If a person doesn’t notify the bank, they will not know all the money is from disability, and the account can be garnished.

If I bought a used vehicle on Friday and it has several problems the next day what are my options in Minnesota? I bought it from a dealer and probably as is.

Unfortunately, used car sales are as the stated, "as is" in MN unless the person receives a written warranty to the contrary at the time of the sale. The courts hold that it is the buyer's responsibility to check for defects and any latent defects are on the buyer. Absent the negotiation, legally the dealer is not liable legally for any hidden defects unless they can prove that the dealer intentionally concealed the defects such that it would rise to the level of a fraud.

I cancelled my alarm service before the service was started. Never received a bill but now it is in collection. I disputed the information and the agency received no response from the collector - do I need a lawyer?

It important to call the company which is stating the debt is delinquent to verify a cancellation of services was accurately processed. No lawyer is typically needed unless a civil suit is file to collect a debt. Often when a debt is inaccurate the matter can be worked out with some effort by the individual without legal assistance.

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