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Negative HIV Test

What does a negative HIV test mean?

When someone receives a negative HIV antibody test result this can mean there is no infection present. However, someone may need to be re-tested and it is important to understand what the test results mean. The window period is known to be the time between the time of infection and when the test detect the infection antibodies. Even if there is a negative result, an infected individual can have HIV and pass it on to others. Individuals should be re-tested three months after the last exposure. This needs to be done especially if risk behaviors of HIV have occurred before the three month testing. It is important to know the HIV status if someone is planning on becoming pregnant or who is pregnant. A negative HIV test result means that an individual will need to protect themselves from the infection. When someone has possibly been exposed to HIV and has a negative test result, questions can arise about the reliability, side sides, and effectiveness of the testing. Read below for answers that have been provided by Experts.

When would the chances of a false negative HIV test be eliminated?

During the window period the antibodies may not be found in the blood. This period is because of the time it can take for someone’s immune system to produce the antibodies. The average time it takes someone to develop is about 25 days; however this can vary from person to person. 97% of individuals who are infected with HIV will have enough antibodies to test positive after three months. A doctor may recommend the person be re-tested if they test negative for HIV within the first three months after exposure. The likelihood of a false negative can be lowered by retesting after three months.

How reliable are the rapid HIV tests?

The way a negative HIV test would read can depend on the test that was performed. Results can be made within 20 minutes when a rapid test has been performed. In the United States there are four rapid HIV tests licensed for use. These tests include OraQuick Rapid HIV-1 and Advance HIV ½ Antibody Test, Reveal G2 HIV Antibody Laboratories, Uni-Gold Recombiegen. The tests that are available can vary from one place to another. Rapid HIV blood tests can be as accurate as the EIA test. More specific tests can be needed in order to confirm a negative HIV test result.

Would a negative HIV test performed at four months be accurate?

HIV tests are used to test for antibodies that can take about three months to develop. The outcome can be beneficial if someone has not developed antibodies by a four month period. Several doctors may recommend retesting at six months. This retesting is done because if the antibodies have not developed by six months, then they may never develop. There can be some doctors that recommend further testing at one year. If someone receives a negative HIV test result six months after the last exposure, it could be safe to assume the individual is negative for HIV.

Would a negative HIV test remain negative in different countries?

The negative HIV test can be valid no matter where the individual resides in the world. The tests can be the same all over the world because people travel. HIV traveled to the United States by one person. When someone has a negative HIV test from a reliable company, they may not have HIV.

The chances of a false negative can reduce after three months. Questions about the reliability of a rapid test and the difference between different countries can arise. For more information or answers to these questions, individuals can contact an Expert.
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