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Navy Veteran Questions

What is a Navy Veteran?

A Navy veteran is anybody that has actively performed duties for the US Navy and was discharged with an honorable discharge. The definition of "veteran" is in the Title 38, USC, 101. It stated, the term “veteran” means a person who served in the active military, naval, or air service, and who was discharged or released from under conditions other than dishonorable. Read below where Navy Veteran questions have been asked to the Experts and given a knowledgeable answer.

If someone is a retired Navy veteran was married for over 40 years and divorced, will the ex spouse be entitled to Navy Veteran benefits?

Once the divorce was final, all Navy Veteran benefits will stop for the party that was not in the Navy. Spousal benefits are only for married couples and widows/ surviving spouses.

If a retired Navy veteran has medical issues from military related injuries, are they entitled to military disability?

Under the law, if you sustained injuries while serving in the armed forces, or had an existing condition aggravated by your service, you are entitled to treatment for those injuries. You may also be entitled to compensation. But to start the process, you need to apply. You can do this yourself, by visiting your local VA and filling out form 21-526.

Or you can take advantage of one of the service organizations like the DAV or VFW. They offer free help and have LOTS of experience in this are they can help from start to finish. More info here

If someone is married to a MIA Navy Veteran are they entitled to in home care since they are 90 years old?

More than likely the elderly person is entitled to a benefit from the VA. This benefit is called Aid And Attendance. It is "income dependent" so it requires assets be less than $80K (not counting home and personal property) and that monthly income be less than $1056 (not including her VA pension and after medical expenses) However, t to rate the benefit they would need a doctor to state that they are in need of "aid and assistance". The best way to approach is to have their county Veterans Services Officer help file if there is a doctor who will state she is need of daily assistance then she may well qualify for the benefit

If someone in the military passed away after two years in active duty, how long do they have to serve to be considered a veteran and receive benefits or a VA loan?

If someone only served two years of active duty and was not discharged because of a service-related injury, then they were not entitled to a military pension. If he was not entitled to a military pension, you would not be entitled to spousal benefits. Also, VA Loans can only be obtained by spouses if the service member who obtained the loan died of a service-related injury.

If the person in the military was discharged or died because of a service related-injury, different rules apply

Can a retired Navy veteran get medical care outside the VA system

The only care outside of the VA system that will be paid for by the VA is that which the VA refers the patient to. If the VA cannot provide the particular care or specialist, then they will refer a patient out. The VA feels that they can effectively treat the conditions through their system.

Many questions can arise when discussing Navy Veterans. People would want to know detailed information regarding Navy Veterans, such as: what is a navy veteran and who qualifies for navy veteran’s benefits. At times, this results in legal questions. Experts can answer your questions in an efficient and knowledgeable manner. People can get legal insight to help them find an option that is best suited to their individual needs.
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