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Questions on Naval Academy Rules

What is the United States Naval Academy?

United States Naval Academy, (USNA), is a four year coeducational federal service academy that is recently located in Maryland, United States. The Naval Academy is an undergraduate college that prepares young men and women to become professional officers of skill, character and compassion in the United States Navy and Marine Corps. As the country has changed culturally, so has the academy. Since the academy has changed, this has given the cadets more advanced academic and professional training that is needed to be efficient naval officers in their assignments after graduating. Read below where Experts have answered questions regarding the Naval Academy and many issues one could face.

Can a Navy Academy graduate’s ex-spouse have any rights to any portion of the former spouse’s retirement?

If the spouses are divorced, then there is a divorce decree. If the decree does not mandate that the former spouse receives any monies from the retirement. Re-opening the divorce to have the military retirement considered a shared asset and divided would be the only way.

If a student receives a dishonorable discharge from the Naval Academy for cheating on a homework assignment, can he/she reenlist later on to serve in the Navy?

It is unlikely that the student will get a dishonorable discharge because this is the worst possible discharge any soldier/sailor can receive. To get this type of discharge the student would have to go through the court martial process, but if the student does receive this type of discharge, and then he/she will not be able to serve in any branch of the military. A dishonorable discharge carries the worst reenlistment code and there is not a recruiter around that can override this type of code to get the student into the military.

Does a former spouse have any rights to a sailor’s retirement if the final divorce decree states that he/she is not to receive any of the sailor’s retirement and can the former spouse go back into court and have the decree changed?

If the final divorce decree states that the former spouse is not to receive any portion of the retirement benefits of the sailor, then he/she won’t receive the money. The former spouse, however, can hire a lawyer and go back and try to have the decree amended, but the former spouse would have to prove that the case should be reopened and in most cases the courts are not willing to reopen closed cases.

How would a sailor who is 49 years of age, apply for the Naval Reserve Judge Advocate General Program if he/she was a Naval Academy graduate and had six years active duty?

The sailor would have to apply to the program; however there is an age limits that apply as well. The current cut off age is 42. The Navy does do a year for year waiver on the age but even then with six years of service, the sailor would be 43 and that is still over the cut off age. The recruiter can waive the years of active duty, but not the age of the applicant.

Many times when applying for certain Naval Academy classes, the student and the students representatives may find themselves in a complex situation that they may not fully understand the process. When it comes to finding information on the procedures and rules of the Naval Academy, seeking the advice of the Experts may be the best option for the student.
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