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National Housing Act Questions

What is the National Housing Act?

The National Housing Act was passed to help individuals with more credit for home repairs and construction. The purpose of the act was to provide individuals with low income with better housing. There may be a lot of provisions of the National Housing Act that many individuals may not know. Given below are popular questions about the National Housing Act that are asked by most people.

Can an Individual be Turned Down from an Apartment because he/she is on SSDI?

According to the National Housing Act, it may be considered illegal and unlawful for a landlord to discriminate against an individual on the basis of his/her health condition. The landlord, according to the act, may not discriminate against an individual while selling or renting out a property, while setting out any terms or conditions for renting or selling a property and while providing any kind of facilities or services at the property.

Would a Tenant get a Refund of Lease if he/she has to be Sent to Chemical Dependency Rehabilitation?

In most situations, a tenant may not get the refund of the lease if he/she has to be sent to chemical dependency rehabilitation. However, he/she may be given back the security deposit if there are no damages to the property.

Can the Landlord keep the Security Deposit if the Tenant Leaves the Property before the Lease Expires?

If a tenant leaves a property before the lease expires, it may be considered as breach of lease. In such situations, the landlord may keep the security deposit. However, he/she may have to send a notice to the tenant about retaining the deposit.

What can a Landlord do if the Tenants don’t Leave the Property after the Lease Expires?

As per the National Housing Act, if the tenants of a property do not leave the property after the lease expires, the landlord may take legal action against them. The landlord may send a legal notice to the tenants to vacate the property. If the tenants still do not leave the property, then he/she may file a lawsuit in a local court for forcible entry and detainer. If the landlord wins the lawsuit, the sheriff or the court bailiff may forcibly take the tenant out of the property.

Can the Landlord force the Relatives of a Deceased Tenant to Empty the Property soon after the Tenant’s Death?

As per the National Housing Act, the landlord of a property may not force the relatives of the deceased tenant to empty the residential property soon after the tenant’s death. The landlord of the property may wait for at least 60 days after the death of the tenant before he/she asks the relatives of the deceased tenant to vacate the property.

According to the National Housing Act, when would a Property be considered Abandoned Property?

According to the National Housing Act, a property may be considered to be abandoned property only if the last of the living tenants of the property is dead, the personal property of the tenant is still there on the premises, the rent for the property is unpaid, at least 60 days would have lapsed since the death of the last tenant and the landlord has not been notified in writing about a personal representative of the dead tenant being appointed or an estate being opened.

Not being able to afford decent housing can be frustrating for people with low incomes. Having information about the National Housing Act and its provisions will help individuals with low incomes to know their rights towards living in better homes. It will also help individuals know what to do if they are being treated unfairly by landlords and property owners.
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