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Nasal Solar Dermatitis

What is nasal solar dermatitis?

Nasal solar dermatitis may affect certain dogs more than others; these breeds may include but are not limited to, Collies, Shetland Sheepdogs and Australian Shepherds. Typically this condition may be seen in the United States around California or Florida. In the first stages of nasal solar dermatitis a dog may seem fine with the exception of the nose not being as black as it should be. In some cases if a dog’s nose is exposed to the sunlight to long it could become irritated, this could cause the hair to fall out. Usually if hair falls out the skin may become exposed to the environment and may ooze and curst over.

What causes nasal solar dermatitis?

In some cases a dog may has a deficient amount of pigment in the nose. The lack of pigment in the nose could be from a few different things one being an extensive period in ultraviolet rays or better known as the sunlight. Some dogs may have a lack of pigment due to hereditary problems, and some dogs may suffer from a skin disease or scarring. For more information regarding nasal solar dermatitis such as, how can nasal solar dermatitis affect a dog or can nasal solar dermatitis cause a dog to lose the sense of smell. Read below where an Expert may answer these questions and many others.

What could cause a dog to have a crusted over nose?

There could be several different things that could cause a dog to have a crusty nose; probably the best option may be to have a biopsy done. This could help rule out some causes of a crusty nose; some causes may include Nasal solar dermatitis, Lupus or other autoimmune diseases. In the case that the dog has Lupus typically this condition may react well to steroids. Now as for nasal solar dermatitis may be treated differently.

What could cause a German Shepherd to have a dry cracking nose?

Typically Collies and German Shepherds may suffer from a condition named nasal solar dermatitis. This may be a very common condition from these dogs; nasal solar dermatitis may be caused from the extended exposure to the sunlight. Another cause for nasal solar dermatitis may be due to hereditary. To be sure on what is going on with a dog a visit to the veterinarian may be needed, a vet may be able to run tests to determine the problem.

What could cause a dog to lose hair on the top part of the nose?

There may be a few different conditions that could cause a dog to lose hair around the nose. Typically the first thought that may come to mind may be an autoimmune disease. This may need treatment to get the condition under control. Another option may be nasal solar dermatitis; this may usually be from too much sunlight. To determine the exact cause typically a veterinarian may do a biopsy.

Nasal solar dermatitis may not be a condition that many dog owners hear of very often, but when this condition does happen a dog owner may become very worried. Some owners may have several questions such as, how is nasal solar dermatitis treated and can nasal solar dermatitis be passed from one dog to another. These questions and many others may be answered by an Expert.
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