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Nasal Mites in Dogs

What are nasal mites in dogs?

Nasal mites may be a very common condition found in wild, domestic dogs or silver foxes. Typically nasal mites may go a long time before diagnosed. Usually nasal mites may be around 1 to 1 ½ millimeters long this may be why they go undiagnosed. This type of mites may infest a dog’s nostril cavities. This could cause a dog to have nasal discharge and/or sneeze frequently.

What are the symptoms of nasal mites in dogs?

Typically in a case where a dog has nasal mites the dog may not have many serious symptoms. Some dogs may suffer from a severe infection in the nasal cavity. Sometimes when a dog has an infection in the nasal cavity this could cause periods of sneezing or even nose bleeds. In less severe cases a dog may only experience nasal discharge. For more information regarding nasal mites in dogs such as, how does a dog get nasal mites, what is the treatment for nasal mites and can nasal mites cause death to a dog. Read below where an Expert may answer these questions and many others.

How long do nasal mites live?

It may not be know how long a nasal mite may live, but as for in the adult stage a mite may live around 3 weeks. As in many other mites the may have 3 stages of life the egg, nymphs and adult. In some cases the nymph stage may be confused as the adult stage. These stages may be close in looks except the nymph stage only has 6 legs vs. the adult stage has 8 legs. Typically a dog may need more than one treatment to rid of the nasal mites due to a mite may be resting in the egg stage for a long time before hatching.

What would be the proper dosage for Ivermectin when treating nasal mites? The dog weights 14 pounds.

Ivermectin may be a veterinarian’s top choice when treating nasal mites. Typically this medication may be given around 1 cc (cubic centimeter) for every 110 pounds (lb). Considering the dog only weighs 14 pounds this may mean that the dog could take around 0.12cc by mouth one a day. This may be administrated for around 1 to 2 weeks.

What could cause a dog to have clear to green nasal discharge?

In some cases a dog may have a bacterial sinus infection. Typically this type of condition could be treated by antibiotics. There may another cause to the discolored discharge, such as nasal mites. These types of mites may be common in dogs and may be treated with Ivermectin. In some cases a dog may need more than one treatment to clear up the nasal mites.

Nasal mites could be one of the most common conditions that may go undiagnosed. This may be one of the more difficult conditions for diagnose due to how small the mites may be. Some dog owners may have questions when finding out their dog has nasal mites such as, can nasal mites cause a dog to lose the sense of smell and can nasal mites cause any problems with the brain. For the answers to these questions and many others contact an Expert.
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