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Nasal Discharge in Dogs

What is nasal discharge in dogs?

Nasal discharge may come from the upper respiratory organs; these may include the sinuses, nasal cavities and the postnasal area. Nasal discharge could have many different looks, like thick or watery mucus, pus or sometimes blood mixed in. Typically if a dog has blood in its nasal discharge this could be a sign of a blood disorder. Usually when a dog has nasal discharge this could indicate an infection, irritant, chemical or a foreign object in the nose. These could be mild or severe cases, it could mean that the dog needs to be seen by a veterinarian.

What are the most common symptoms of nasal discharge in dogs?

A dog could have nasal discharge from almost anything; typically nasal discharge may not be harmful. This may be however as long as the discharge is not occurring in excessive amounts. There may be several symptoms that should be watched for, these may include but are not limited to.

• Some dogs may have inflamed eyes
• Air flow through the nasal pathways may become decreased
• A dog’s teeth may become diseased
• Discharge that is dried on the nose or the arms
• Some dogs may suffer from a swollen face or hard palate

For more information regarding nasal discharge in dogs such as, how is nasal discharge treated in dogs or what causes nasal discharge in dogs; read below where an Expert could answer these questions and many others.

Should a dog see the vet if experiencing nasal discharge after waking from a nap? There is no color to the discharge and no other symptoms.

Typically this may not be something to be too concerned about, considering there is no color to the discharge. However if the dog seems to get worse of have other symptoms this could be a problem. In some cases a dog may have nasal discharge from a viral infection. Typically a viral infection may go away by itself, unless the dog is very sick this could mean the dog’s immune system is low. In which this could make a dog weak, and not be able to fight off the virus.

What can be done at home for a dog that has nasal discharge?

Typically when a dog has nasal discharge it may be clear in color, this could mean the dog does not have a virus. Usually to help breakdown congestion and clear up nasal discharge one may use a humidifier. If a humidifier is not available, an individual may try running a hot shower and allowing the dog to breathe the steam. In some cases while the dog is breathing the steam it may help to pat the dog’s sides; this could help loosen up and mucous in the lungs. Generally when the mucous in the lungs is broken up the dog may tend to cough or sneeze to release the mucous. Some dogs may even have more discharge than before, this should only last a couple of days.

Could nasal discharge and an ear infection be related?

In some cases an ear infection and nasal discharge may not be related. This may all depend on if the ear infection and the nasal discharge are on the same side. If so then it could be possible that the two issues may be underlying symptoms to another infection.

Nasal discharge may seem like an ordinary issue for dogs; however this could be a sign of a very serious infection. Some dogs may have something lodged in the nasal pathway, and the nose is having discharge to help try and dislodge the object from the nose. For more information regarding nasal discharge in dogs such as, what medication can be given to clear up nasal discharge or are there certain dogs that have nasal discharge. Contact an Expert for answers to these questions and many others.
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