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Questions about Name Change

What is a legal change of name? A legal name change allows a person to change their first, middle and/or last name to any other desired name of choice other than their birth, adopted or married name. There are many reasons a person may want to change their name to something different.. However, a name change can have financial, legal and psychological ramifications if not handled with prudence, as well questions may surface regarding name change and legal obligations. Read below where Experts have provided answers to questions on name change.

What are the procedures/laws of a legal name change?

Legal name changes have various laws and procedures under each state. To start the name change procedure one should contact the department of vital statistics of his/her state to know the requirement for a name change.

Typically in most states the procedures are generally about the same and would be as follows: Gather the required forms to fill out; this step usually consists of –
  • A petition for name change
  • A court order granting the change of name
  • Filing a notice of petition to the public court
  • If applicable, an affidavit of consent
  • An affidavit of service notification to the authorities if an alien ex-convict or attorney
  • Have all forms notarized
  • Make duplicate copies for your records

Once these steps have been completed, a person would then submit all paperwork to the appropriate office. Many times if the name change is not granted or approved, a petition to the court may be in order. Once the name change has been approved the next step would be to file a notice of name change in the local news paper. This allows the public a chance to object. Once the notice has been submitted, and the name change has been granted, a person would then need to file an affidavit and return it to the court. Once the Order Granting Change of Name has been received by the filing party, it will have a new I.D. this is what will be taken to the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Social Security Administration as well as the Bureau of Records or Vital Statistics in the state that the filing party was born. This will enable the person to get a new drivers license, social security card and possibly a new birth certificate depending on the situation.

How to find record of formal name change?

To find the record of name change, the local court should be contacted where the name change happened. For example in state of Illinois, name changes are recorded in the probate court. The records of all name changes are kept for forever. However by giving current and birth name, one will be able to find out all the details regarding his/her name change.

How to change last name legally in the state of Illinois?

In Illinois, one must fill up appropriate forms pertaining to name change in the Circuit court. Prior to hearing on the petition public notice of the name change must be filed. The court acknowledges the current name, the name you want to adapt, residence and the state or country of your birth through the petition submitted. It must be verified by the affidavit of some credible person. The court then decides the statutory requirements that have been satisfied and reasons for not granting the order for name change. Upon satisfaction of all statuary requirements the court issues an order of name change.

How to show proof of name change for an issuable driver’s license in the state of New Jersey?

Recently In the state of New Jersey, laws have changed for verifying identity for license renewal. There are several points of ID verification and every ID document submitted show must be an original or certified copy with the official state or municipal seal. Documents which do not meet this requirement, or if any documents appear altered or false or are deemed invalid for any reason, it is required to submit additional documentation.

In Florida, does a felony committed in the past effect the name change of a person?

As per the Florida name change law 68.07 Change of name), the Chancery courts have the jurisdiction to change the person’s name.

How to change middle name in the state of Texas?

To change the name in the state of Texas,

1) Complete the Petition for Name change and get it notarized.

2) File both the documents with an order granting name change with finger print of the person seeking name change in the country of residence.

3) Pay filing fee of approximately $200.

4) Post hearing, a name change court order is assigned, one can change his/her name with various agencies.

Changing someone’s name can be tricky if it’s related to legal obligations while in other situations changing a name can be done with minimal effort. Each state has its own pre-requisites and procedures for petitioning for name change. If you have any questions on name change in your state of residence, you could ask the Experts for easy, quick and affordable answers.
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