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Dog Nail Problems

What are dog nail problems?

Wearing down of a dag's nails as a result of daily activity is a natural occurrence. In cases where a dog does not wear the nails down on their own, the nails may become exceptionally long. Problems like nail splitting could occur in such cases. A preventive measure is to have the nails trimmed by a veterinarian. Some nails may be trimmed twice a month to move the quick back so the nail will stays permanently short. If a dog suffers from a nail problem for too long, it can result in a nail disorder like paronychia, which is an infection that causes inflammation in the dog’s nail or claw. Some dogs can suffer from fungal infections such as onychomyocosis, that happens around the bed of the nail.

As common as nail problems are, they still cause anxiety for the dog owners, resulting in a number of questions like the ones answered by Experts below.

What can be done for a dog that has ripped the whole nail off?

If a dog tears a nail off, the blood vessels and nerves become exposed. The dog can bleed a great deal and its paw may be sore due to the nerves being out in the open. If the dog is bleeding, try applying cornstarch to the area. This should stop the bleeding and allow you to clean and bandage the area. In some situations, the dog’s quick may still be attached. Usually, it dries up and falls off with time. Keeping the area clean and bandaged is often the best way to treat this type of nail problem.

What type of nail problem could cause a dog to lose 3 nails suddenly?

When multiple dog nails fall off randomly, it could be indicative of trauma, infection, medicated immune problems or cancer. Considering that three toes are effected this is more likely to be a case of medicated immune problems. When this happens, the dog’s immune system attacks the dog’s nails because of certain medication. This could be a type of immune problem like lupiod onchodystrophy and should be confirmed by blood work.

Is it possible that SLO (Symmetrical Lupoid Onchodystrophy) could cause a dog to have nail problems like the nails to fall out?

It is possible for SLO to cause a dog's nails to fall out. However, this is not the only reason why nails may fall off and should be confirmed by taking the dog to the vet and getting blood work done. Symmetrical lupoid onchodystrophy is an autoimmune disease that can cause a dog’s nails to fall out. It's not a trivial condition and should be treated by a vet.

What type of nail problem could cause a dog’s nail to peel off in layers?

If a dog suffers from allergies, it may lick or chew at the feet, causing the nails to become soft and peel off. Other causes could be bacterial or fungal infection at the bed of the nail. Some dogs may have an autoimmune disease that could also cause the peeling of the nail.

When a dog has a nail problem, it could cause a dog owner to have several questions because nail problems can be caused by many things and can be difficult to diagnose. It is best not to take nail problems lightly. Seek professional insights by asking an Expert.
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