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Nadolol Medication Related Questions

What is Nadolol?

Nadolol is a type of medication that may be referred to as a beta blocker. However, this medication is often used to treat an individual with high blood pressure, migraines, headaches, and tachycardia. There is another medication that is known as Corgard nadolol that is often prescribed to individuals with anxiety or stage fright. Also, when an individual has suffered from a heart attack, nadolol may often be prescribed because this medication is believed to help prevent the reoccurrence of heart attack.

What are some common Nadolol side effects?

Some common side effects may often include fatigue, tiredness as well as drop in blood pressure. Even though this medication is given to individuals with high blood pressure, the blood pressure may continue to drop very low and case hypo tension. This type of condition can cause some individuals to feel faint and even cause lightheadedness or dizziness. When individuals begin to take this medication and the side effects occur, many questions may begin to arise regarding how to control these side effects, or if the dosage needs to be lowered. Read below where Experts have answered many commonly asked questions regarding the Nadolol medication.

If an individual is taking Nadolol 20 (mg) milligrams for migraines, is it safe to take Nyquil?

There's usually no directly harmful interaction between the medications of Nyquil and Nadolol. However, it is known that Nyquil may often raise a person’s blood pressure. If the individual is not taking the Nadolol 20 (mg) milligrams for hypertension, there may not be much of a worry. In the case where an individual does not have history of hypertension, the individual may have some sort of increase in blood pressure from the Nyquil, however that may occur even if the individual was not taking Nadolol. It is known that Nyquil often contains a high amount of alcohol content, and many individuals who suffer from migraines are more sensitive to small amounts of alcohol. Therefore, the individual may begin to feel some side effects of the Nyquil, but taking these two medications together is unlikely to result in any severe side effects.

If someone was prescribed Paroxetine 20 (mg) milligrams and is currently taking Nadolol 20 (mg) milligrams to control tachycardia, is this safe?

In some situations, individuals may be able to take Paroxetine as well as Nadolol and there may not be any type of drug interaction. However, it's important to keep in mind that some beta blockers such as Metoprolol may often cause an individual to have low blood pressure while taking Paroxetine. However, taking Paroxetine and Nadolol are unlikely to cause any serious complications.

What is the equivalent Nadolol dosage when taking Toprol XL 75 (mg) milligrams 3 times a day?

The estimated equivalence between the medications of Nadolol and Metoprolol (this medication is the most active ingredient in Toprol) is known to be 0.8 to 1. However, in case the individual is comparing the two medications, some experts may use the dose that is about ½ of the estimated equivalent dose when needing to switch medications. When individuals take Nadolol, they may experience some side effects either from this medication itself or as a result of combining it with another medicine. You could have your own questions that you may want to consult an Expert about. For more information on the Nadolol medication, you may take your own question to an Expert for a quick and affordable answer.
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