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N-400 Citizenship Form Questions

Form N-400 is an application for naturalization used by non-U.S. citizens to help them voluntarily gain U.S. citizenship. It has been designed to gather information about the applicant to understand his/her eligibility for naturalization as well as examine several other factors that could influence his/her ability to get citizenship. Listed below are a few questions answered by Experts on Form N-400.

I came to the U.S. at the age of 22, as an F-1 student, and therefore did not sign up for the Selective Service registration. How do I state this on my Naturalization Form (N-400)?

It’s possible that the UCIS automatically registered you when you received your Green Card. However, in order to check the status of your Selective Service, please visit:

In case you are not registered here, you would need to check “NO”. But you would also need to attach an affidavit that explains why you didn’t register.

I filed my Form N-400 a day early and was denied my citizenship. Do I need to wait the usual 6-8 months and be fingerprinted and interviewed again? I have already re-filed my Form N-400 with all the attachments including the notice of denial.

Since 2012 is an election year it will, in all probability, speed things up and the process may take only 3-6 months. However, you would have to be fingerprinted and interviewed again for the Form N-400.

I live in Illinois and would like to know if I need to report a DUI on my Form N-400?

Yes. Your N-400 Form would need to include all arrests, detentions, or charges as well as the final disposition stating how the case ended. What you could do is submit the Uniform Conviction Information Form which serves as a background check. You can visit the site below to fill in the form:

I was married recently and my wife lives in another country. I am currently filling my Form N-400 to help bring my wife here once I gain citizenship. In the section where I need to insert the address of my spouse, there is no space to indicate that she lives in another country. What can I do?

You can still fill in her foreign address in this section. Write the city she lives in under “city” and the country she lives in under the space given for “state”. This is how forms are typically filled out if the spouse resides outside the country.

I mailed my Form N-400 this morning but forgot to add the date on it. Will that affect my application?

There is a possibility that the application could be mailed back to you since the date on the application is important in determining a person’s eligibility for citizenship as well as to affirm the statements on the application.

The other possibility is that the application could be processed without any problem and you would be required to date it when you appear for interview.

In the event that your application is returned, it is likely you will receive it within the next 10 days so it should not cause any major problems for you, such as having the entire application being rejected or you losing your application fee.

Great care should be exercised while filling a Form N-400 since it is crucial you do not miss filling in any sections and the information you fill in is correct. Asking for help from someone who understands the procedure better will help in minimizing errors. Finally, a third party is also allowed to fill in Form N-400 on your behalf as long as they sign their name as the preparer.
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