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Chrysler Muffler Troubleshooting Questions

Why does a faulty muffler store no error codes? Will muffler replacement stop your Chrysler from sounding like a drone? These are some muffler situations Chrysler users experience to which they want answers. The best way to an answer or solution is to ask an Expert online.

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Why is a Chrysler Touring Convertible making a loud noise which has turned on the check engine light?

The sound could be due to a faulty exhaust system, possibly a muffler leak, which would cause the check engine light to come on. This is because the sensor is reading a diluted exhaust. If the check engine light is on continuously the car is safe to drive but must be attended to at the earliest. However, if the light is flashing it could be caused by a direct engine misfire and should not be driven for any length of time as it could damage the cat converters. The light would have stored an error code which should be read just to know if there are any other faults.

How to troubleshoot a Chrysler Neon which is making a loud sound with no visible muffler leak nor does it display any warning lights?

All symptoms point to a failing cat converter which would need to be replaced. A bad cat will not set an error code so no warning light may be displayed.

Why does a Chrysler 3.8L V6 Town and Country sound like a drone at 70 mph and what can be done about it?

There is a TSB for this engine which references a muffler or cat rattle. To diagnose this drone sound would need a pair of Chassis Ears. This is a tool with multiple microphones which can be placed at various places under the vehicle, including the exhaust system. Using a headphone, the technician can select one microphone at a time to determine where the noise is originating. It would be worth taking the car to a muffler shop which has this tool so the exact cause can be identified. However, by all accounts this does sound muffler related. It does not mean that the muffler has failed, but it could be a problem inside it like with one of the baffles.

How to troubleshoot a Chrysler Pacifica with a muffler rattle which disappears when the engine is heated up?

The symptoms indicate that the muffler has failed and will need to be replaced. Only the muffler need be replaced and not the whole exhaust system. An independent muffler shop with a good universal muffler would be the way to go.

How to identify a muffler/exhaust leak on a Chrysler PT Cruiser which makes an abnormally loud sound?

Open the hood and start the engine. If the sound comes from the engine then it could be an exhaust manifold leak. However, if it comes from under the car then chances are, it is a muffler leak. 

Why does a Chrysler 300M rattle and groan when given gas?

The problem appears to be either a loose muffler baffle or a loose exhaust heat shield. 

After replacing the entire exhaust system beyond the cat converter on a Chrysler Pacifica why does it make a throaty sound?

Presumably it has been rechecked at the place where it was repaired. If nothing wrong has been found it could be the sound of the exhaust system itself. Exhaust systems differ according to how they are made. Some manufacturers use more muffler baffles than others so the sound comes out different to what it was before. The same would apply if there was a difference in the size of the muffler. A small physical variation would make a different sound. It’s just a matter of getting used to and does not impact the car or its performance.

Apart from being annoying, a muffler leak can be hazardous and damage the cat converters. For timely solutions to muffler problems, an Expert is always available online for assistance. Just tell the symptoms of the issue to an Expert and receive a customized response.

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