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Chevy Muffler Questions

Does the muffler need repair? Do you need to know your options on muffler repair? Do you need troubleshooting ideas on an engine running rough because of the muffler? There are many components in a Chevy muffler that can develop faults or would need replacement. Listed below are some common questions answered by Experts.

How to install a new Chevy muffler in a 2003 Trailblazer LS?

The new muffler will need to be an aftermarket one since the factory type requires the vehicle to be about 6 feet in the air. Hence pick up an aftermarket muffler and tailpipe that are separate. A reciprocating saw will be needed to cut off the tailpipe and the muffler. Start by slipping the tailpipe over the axle and allowing it to hang. Then slip the new muffler onto the exhaust pipe and clamp it loosely. Now loosely clamp the tailpipe into the muffler. Make adjustments to the muffler to ensure that it does not hit along the inner frame. Tighten the clamp at the exhaust pipe. Then slip the tailpipe hanger into the rubber hanger and adjust the tailpipe again so that it does not hit the inner frame, axle or shock. Finally tighten the clamp at the muffler.

How to fix a tailpipe that is falling out of a Chevrolet muffler?

The entire assembly needs to be replaced if a tailpipe rots out of the muffler. The muffler/tailpipe is bolted behind the catalytic converters and rubber hangers are used to hold it in place. A muffler or exhaust shop would have the necessary tooling to fix this issue quickly and will also have several alternatives to the OEM assembly. They can also save some money by fabricating only what is required.

What could be the issue in a 2000 Astro that did not crank properly and had a severe backfire that blew the Chevy muffler apart?

Such a problem is commonly caused by a damp and corroded distributor cap and rotor. However, the issue can be fixed easily by replacing the damaged parts. The engine cover or “doghouse” will have to be taken out to get access to the distributor. The cap and rotor are held in with torqued screws and will need to be removed. Replacing them will fix the starting and running issues in the vehicle. The muffler was probably blown apart due to the misdirection of the spark in the distributor cap. This should not happen again when the cap is replaced. However a new muffler will also have to be installed in the vehicle.

Is there a kit available to repair the Chevy muffler heat shield in a 2002 1500HD?

The big hose clamps can be used to repair a muffler heat shield quite successfully. Purchase a few 5 or 6 inch clamps at Napa and string them together to wrap them all the way around the muffler. This will make it quite easy to repair the part.

Diagnosing a problem and then repairing or replacing Chevy mufflers can be a difficult and long process. Therefore, it is recommended to get advice from Experts who will be able to provide the right information and answer any questions that may arise.
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