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How to Care for a Mud Turtle

Mud turtles are a type of turtle that are aquatic and live primarily in the water and muddy areas. These types of turtles are often found in the United States, Mexico, Central America and South America. They primarily eat meat and do not have as high of a shell as other turtles. When someone owns one questions about the care and health can come up. Read below where some questions have been answered by Experts.

Do mud turtles do well in captivity?

They generally do not do well when in captivity. If it is not cared for properly or there are environmental issues this can cause health issues.

Why is a UVB light important for a mud turtles when using supplements?

When a mud turtle is in captivity, owners may decide to give the turtle a calcium supplement. When this is done, they may need to make sure the turtle has a UVB (ultraviolet b) light. This light generally helps turtles break down supplements and help the bones become strong. If the UVB light is not used, the turtle runs the chance of developing an issue that breaks down the bone and causes breaks and other health related issues.

Can UVB lights penetrate glass in a mud turtle enclosure and does it stop bone issues?

In many cases, making sure the turtle receives the UVB light can help stop many bone diseases that can develop. UVB lights normally cannot penetrate through glass, so it is important to ensure there is a way to get the light in the enclosure.

What should a potential owner of a mud turtle make sure they pay attention to?

When taking care of a mud turtle, owners need to make sure the tank used is closed to the wild environment as much as possible. In many cases, a light that mocks the sun can be used to help with the needed bone strength. Fresh water is often not an issue since they are used to ponds and rivers. However, some owners want to have a filter for the water. Providing the right food is a major thing. Mud turtles normally eat meat and some plants.

What is the level of water needed to keep a mud turtle happy in captivity?

When a turtle is in this enclosure, making sure the water area is 10-11 inches is normally what this type of turtle lives in. However, some mud turtles may live in deeper water.

What causes white spots on the shell of a mud turtle and how can these be removed?

When a mud turtle is in captivity, using tap water can have some kind of effect on the shell. In some cases, the turtle may develop a type of deposit on the shell that is white and loose like algae. However, the owner may want to try and clean the spots with a toothbrush as well as warm water. this should help clean the spots off and make the shell appear healthy again. 

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