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Motorcycle Law Questions

Rules and regulations have been put in place for the safety of motorcycle riders. Some of these laws are the same across the nation and sometimes even the world; however, some laws are different in each state. Continue reading to find questions answered by Experts.

Motorcycle Safety

Someone who is looking to start riding should consider taking a rider training course to learn to safely and skillfully operate a motorcycle. You will be taught the following:

  • Be more alert at intersections. This is where most motorcycle-vehicle collisions happen.
  • Remain visible to other motorists at all times, and do not ride in their blind spot.
  • Be a defensive rider, thinking of situations that could happen.
  • Use caution when riding in bad weather, on slippery surfaces or when encountering obstacles on the road.

One of the main reasons there are motorcyclist fatalities in a crash is because a bike offers little to no protection as there is in a vehicle. A safety class will also teach you the proper protection to wear while riding. This includes:

  • eye protection
  • clothing to help reduce the severity of injury
  • helmet

Riding a bike requires more skill and coordination than driving a car. Riding while under the influence of alcohol can reduce the rider’s ability to operate it safely.

Motorcycle Laws

The laws vary from state to state. The most common laws are as listed:

  • A helmet is required in most states for the operator and passenger (if applicable).
  • A daytime headlight will increase your chances of being seen by other vehicles on the road.
  • Eye protection is required in a lot of states. This will help you be more alert while riding.
  • Yearly inspections are required in some states to help make sure your bike is in good working condition.
  • In most states, lane splitting is not allowed.
  • Being under the influence of alcohol while riding is prohibited in every state.

Lane Splitting

Sometimes referred to as lane sharing, lane splitting happens when a motorcyclist goes in between lanes of traffic that are going in the same direction. It is a very normal practice among riders in many countries. California is the only state in America that allows it.

Motorcycle Problems

The most common problems a motorcycle can have may include the following:

  • Spark Plugs Flooded with Fuel: If you own an older bike, a flooded engine or dirty spark plug will make your motorcycle unable to start.
  • Clutch: Problems with the clutch can cause a bike to be inoperable, even with the smallest failure.
  • Gearbox: Motorcycle gearboxes are generally tough, but can wear and break from switching gears at the wrong time.
  • Engine Control Unit: Electrical problems are unpredictable, and are often unavoidable.
  • Engine Mechanical: Parts in the engine can break including the cam chain.
  • Dead Battery: Leaving your battery or other electronics on for an extended period of time will result in a dead battery.
  • Tires: It is always a good idea to check your tires before you ride as an extra precaution.

It is a good idea to perform frequent inspections to ensure safety while riding.

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