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Motion Sensor Troubleshooting And Repair

Are you having problems with your motion sensor light? Or, do you need help installing one? Often, questions like these arise at the most inconvenient times when homeowners do not have the proper knowledge of how to effectively solve them. When such is the scenario, getting in touch with an Expert serves as the best help. Read below to find answers to your motion sensor troubleshooting questions.

How to wire this device?

  • Connect the black wire from the house to the black wire on the device.
  • Then, splice the white wire from the house to the white wire on the device.
  • Next, connect the red wire to the black wire that enters the fixture.
  • Finally, turn the light switch on and the sensor light will operate.

What could prevent the red lights from appearing on it?

If the device is tested during the day and the lights did not come on, then it would indicate the photocell on the sensor may have prevented them from lighting up. If that is the case, then set the fixture in ‘Test’ mode to solve the issue. Otherwise, it could point to a faulty relay on the printed circuit board inside the device that is causing this issue. Replacing the fixture is recommended.

What can be done if it fails to turn on at night despite waving hands?

Case Details: The lights work when the 'Test' button is pressed.

Make sure the connections inside the device are working. If so, adjust the sensitivity setting on the sensor. If this still does not solve the issue, it might indicate a failed infrared (IR) sensor that will need to be replaced.

How to fix one that fails to record for more than 30 seconds despite sensing a movement?

First, set up the motion recording. Then, change the period of recording time along with the motion sleep time. If this does not work, set the record time for five seconds and then, let it sleep for the next five seconds.

How to install a flood light device on an exterior wall of a house?

  • First, turn off the power and take out the connection box and the existing switch.
  • Then, install the new double gang box.
  • Place the wire in the double box and reconnect the old switch.
  • Next, connect the new motion light and route a cable from the light in that room to the double box.
  • Using another cable, connect the double box to the new light.
  • Then, strip the cable at the double box and connect the two white wires with a wire nut.
  • Insert the wires back into the box.
  • Next, take the two black wires and plug them into the new switch.
  • Tie the two bare grounds together with a small piece of pigtail cable that connects to the green screw on the switch.
  • Then, install the switch in the box.
  • Next, connect the black to black, white to white and the bare to green wires on the new sensor light and tighten them up.
  • Then, pull out the black wires inside the box that are wire nutted together on the existing light and connect the black wire from the new cable to them.
  • Press them back in the box.
  • Next, splice the white wire from the new cable to the existing white wires in the box that are tied together with wire nuts along with the fixture white wires.
  • Then, connect the bare ground to all the other wires inside the light box.
  • Finally, replace the fixture and turn on the power.

How to fix one that quit working after repositioning?

First, check if the repositioning has turned the device off. If so, reconnect it and see if it solves the problem. If not, it must be placed in a zone that does not sense its wireless or radio transmissions. In that case, moving it into an acceptable zone will be the best course of action.

How to disable the dual zone motion sensor installed with a Viper 5901 car alarm?

Locate the sensor and find the red, blue, green, and black wires connected to it. Next, install a small toggle switch on the red wire and disable the sensor. Another option could be to disconnect the wire below the dash where the brain of the alarm is installed.

Can you leave your home for an extended period of time without worrying about wasting electricity or any burglar intrusion? If not, then installing a motion sensor is the logical choice for you. It gives you an extra sense of security and comfort by restoring mental peace while you are away. Thus, keeping a proper tab on these devices is highly essential to ensure smooth functioning. If you notice any failure with your unit, do not hesitate to consult an Expert. Verified Experts are always available online to help you solve your questions and clarify doubts through a one-on-one conversation from the comfort of your home.

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